I love Borderlands 3

But like can you stop dropping the monocle. Seriously.

And you’re killing fl4k every patch. Stop it.

What else do you gamers hate about this game? (Say bank space again.)

They can also stop dropping the epicenter, woodblocker, malaks bane, brainstormer, gunerang, nagata, moxxis bouncing pair, literally hundreds of these have dropped.

Oh and I am good on the ravenous legendary skin. I swear it’s a troll from gearbox. I’ve found a thousand of those damn things.

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no content. blast me for saying it but once you do the campaign, a few rounds of both slaughters and farmed for the guns you want, its boring.

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Add chupa’s organ to that. And on the other side of the spectrum,can I get Jenaviv to drop her breakup shield first,before the 5 legs that I can get elsewhere else? Lol

dude i have done athenas from the beggining to the end for the xp and legendaries, and i am getting nowhere quick. and when my guardian rank catches up with the current area i am at, i will be lost for any meaningful advancement. i can see myself getting burned out of this game really quickly.

I love Borderlands 3 but I don’t like all the fans complaining about every little thing. Thank you guys for taking the Mayhem out of Mayhem Mode. I loved the challenge it gave me before they scaled it down. Yeah it pissed me off to no end being berated by several rocket launcher wielding badasses, but when I finally dug down and destroyed them all I was super satisfied. The thrill of the kill superseded my love for loot, which is saying something. But alas, no the challenge will become bittersweet as I wont have to work as hard for my legendries. Thanks you T for Teen face a** amateurs.

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I love Borderlands 2, and I now love Borderlands 3. My kind of game.
My only real issue with Borderlands 3 is how… unfinished it seems? I don’t remember fearing every update in Borderlands 2, or fear simply booting the game up, and finding my characters gone forever, or all my skill points missing, etc.
Piece of mind is all I am asking for, so that I can melt hordes in peace.

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So far I am more loving than hating the game. I just hope that the bad stuff doesn’t grow too much.

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There’s so much hate coming from particular groups in the player community, but in the end, it’s really about how you feel about the game, not anyone else’s opinion.


Dude have you heard what they’re going to be doing now they’re going back on their word they’re going to be nerfing weapons