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How do i make the vehicle clever girl spawn? Is there something i need to do? Or do i just need to load in over 100 times? (How it spawned last time after 100 loads and subsequently exploded) also i cant share my found skins for vehicles anymore which sucks. Its way too grindy.

Sorry that I’m the one to share the sad news, but yep, you have to load in a 100 times or more. It took me around 150-170 reloads for the Clever Girl to spawn because it’s a rare spawn. Use the Tesla Coil on the Outrunner to slow it down, or to kill the driver.

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Does it always spawn at the one near indo tyrant? Im trying to make the run through as quick as possible.

Nope. There are 3 spawn places, one I know for sure, but it might spawn on the other places too. Just scroll down to the bottom of the list, there will be some pictures with the spawn places, including the Clever Girl.