I love Overwatch and think it's a better game

But can you people please stop with the million doom and gloom threads about Battleborn? Holy ■■■■, people act like they can’t co-exist.

You don’t need millions of players, or even thousands of players for a game to be playable and alive. Many of my favorite games have a mere few hundred playing it, some a few dozen - and that’s fine.

Battleborn interested me as a Gearbox fan, but ultimately, was not my kind of game. Overwatch does…but everywhere I go, I see BB ■■■■-talking about how Overwatch is going to kill it…and the most bizzaire thing of all, is it’s not Overwatch fans saying Overwatch is going to kill Battleborn…

It’s Battleborn fans saying it. It’s the complete opposite of usual. It bugs me. Maybe the game would be doing better (90k+ sales on Steam isn’t good enough for you?), if the fans of the game itself didn’t promote Overwatch -more- than Overwatch fans promote OW. I can go to OW forums, reddit, ect, see no mention of Battleborn. I go to BB Reddit, this forum,others, the top 5-6 topics are about Overwatch and how it’s going to kill the game.

You yourself, the fans, the supporters of the game - are killing it by doing this. This is a new IP, of course you’re not going to see record-breaking sales. It’s selling well enough for an IP that has to stand on it’s own.

Do you remember Borderlands 1? It kinda sucked. Sales weren’t great. It failed to deliver on a lot of hype. Reviews were very poor.

Borderlands 2 hit - it fixed most of the problems from 1, had great DLC, a fun, lengthy campaign and much improved multiplayer and characters. It sold very well, reviewed well, and still has a very solid playerbase.

I imagine Battleborn 2 will be great like that. Gearbox has a history of kind of being uncertain with their first entry into a new franchise, but then knock it out of the park with the sequel.




thats just crazy talk, get outta here

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Whilst I appreciate what you are saying, maybe you should have chosen a better title? When I saw it come up I thought, “Here’s yet another doom and gloom thread about how Overwatch is going to kill Battleborn”.

So if you’re able to edit the thread title, maybe you could choose something that looks less doom and gloom. :slight_smile:


Well I’ve only ever seen obvious OW trolls on here talking about how OW will be the death of BB so I have no idea where you’ve been reading this


Your title choice fails to properly convey your sentiment in the post which I completely agree with. Although I do have to say it’s quite click baity I highly doubt many will read that wall of text just because they were baited into clicking. Maybe change the title to something more positive because this title seems to only contribute to the problem you’re trying to call out


Using Google Trends I did a lookup on Borderlands, Battleborn and Overwatch just to see how often each was searched over the years. You can see there is a huge public interest in Overwatch that even overshadows Borderlands. Battleborn gets hardly a mention. They spent a huge amount on the game (more than BL and BL2 combined) but maybe they needed to invest more into advertising. I don’t know really why the results are so different but they are.

If you delve deeper into the trends you see Battleborn is of interest mainly to USA, UK, Canada, Australia then it drops off sharply. Overwatch has a huge level of interest across the wider world. USA is fifth in the list in that case.

I really think people are falsely believing Battleborn to be on par from an interest point of view to Overwatch. I know it really does suck but that is what it is.

Sadly Gearbox really needs millions to make this game viable. I don’t think any business would remain solvent for long if they resolve themselves down to catering to a few thousand fans long term. There is a line in which the game becomes a bad investment to continue supporting. I hope Battleborn manages to stay above this line. Time will tell.

Edit: A different look at searches shows that Battleborn is even outdone by The Pre Sequel and by Borderlands 2 which is quite an old game now (on steam more people are playing Borderlands 2 than Battleborn). This is a strange world we are living in because the reviews for the game are quite positive but the engagement with multiplayer gamers is quite low. I think very few AAA title games will rise to the top and be able to stay around for years and years and others will come and go. FTP fill the gap between releases of the top games. Battleborn is while a great game seems to have not drawn as much public interest.



Tbh, Doom comes in tomorrow and then ill play it online until overwatch. BB is gonna collect dust after that. Wish I got a physical copy so I could’ve taken it back.

Battleborn and overwatch are 2 very different games. Main thing they have in common is that they are coming out roughly at the same time and are “hero shooters”


Battle born has melee which was something I enjoy in the game and the mercenary camps I’m a moba fan and I dont see overwatch as that kind of game but I am a fan of blizzard i’ll always respect them for diablo and starcraft.


I liked your post, because I do agree with its sentiments, and the title doesn’t bother me (though it did click bait me here), as your are entitled to like whatever you like, for your reasons…

It does seem strange that our community here probably does have more negative light topics, than positive ones…

But that is also open to interpretation…

Are we putting it down because we don’t like it?
Trying to improve a game that we clearly enjoy playing?

I guess a bit of both.

I haven’t played the beta for overwatch…

Though I did see its original trailer a while ago (before playing battleborn’s beta, long before that), which looked a lot like a Disney Pixar film, and I thought “oh this looks like something I might like”…

But then when I looked up game play on youtube, I knew it probably wouldn’t be for me, just based on the fact it didn’t appear to have a story, and I don’t like just VS kill and shoot stuff (though I’m enjoying battleborn’s PvP)…

So I haven’t considered or even thought about overwatch since then (shame really… As I really did like that trailer - big kid at heart)…

But that’s where this point is made…
Everyone likes different things…
And that’s great!

I’m not worried about stats,
Not worried about bugs (though I want them fixed, and voice my opinion on them),
And genuinely not concerned what other people think of a game, to whether I will or won’t play it…

Don’t let other people sway you…
Ignore popular (or unpopular) opinion…
As you are free to like whatever you want…

As people have said (or as a popular Mexican food ad that plays in Australia a lot, sorry if others don’t get the next reference) “why not both?” :wink:


Overwatch brought me here…

I think many others have had the same experience… Overwatch is a more polished game in terms of graphics and movement… But the non existent campaign and the short lived matches are quite boring… In BB I have something to work towards with each character, tryin to max scores on each mission earning gold rewards, also the minion factor of the MOBA is more of an interest with me…

Sorry but I also seen a lot of BB vs Overwatch on their Reddit so I don’t believe you…

Overwatch brought me here…


It’s quite great clickbait and I think the OP knows it. I clicked the on the thread in a fury, but ended up liking the comment for it’s sentiment.


I totally agree here. I had fun with Overwatch beta, but by the last two days of beta, I had had enough. It’s lack of content doesn’t warrant the price. Its fun, but not 60 bucks fun.


The only reason I own Battleborn is because of Overwatch. Overwatch was a much prettier, smoother game with matchmaking how it should be done, but overall I thought it lacked a significant amount of content and was ridiculous what they were asking for it ($60 on PS4). I prefer this game to Overwatch.

Speaking of Borderlands, I had played both Borderlands games and was very disappointed with both in many ways. This game I find to be great fun (although there are some decent sized issues) and makes me forget who made the game. This game has good gunplay, controls, a more interesting story (or one you can ignore) and feels less repetitive.

I think what you are arguing is something that cannot be fixed: the lack of rational thought. It is the same thing with those who make the “I am selling this game / I am quitting, etc” threads. Some like to think they should carry more weight in what they say compared to most other people. Those people are entitled, selfish, and delusional in what they perceive their status to be.

It’s funny that in the Overwatch forums, people were going in there and saying “Battleborn is so much better than this game”.

Keep the title, although I disagree with it, I do enjoy it now.

And to the one who has the comparative charts, there could be numerous reasons for those numbers, and those numbers may not indicate what you are saying. Blizzard has much more authority in the game market than Gearbox does due to titles like WoW, Diablo, Starcraft, etc. When they want to make a game, people really get interested. Plus, that game has a much better and more aggressive marketing campaign comparatively. Overwatch is on TV, at Taco Bell, and many other places.


Just in a little extra to what you said.

Gearbox last two games have…not been received well. Duke Nukem Forever & Aliens: Colonial Marines were not received well at all…though I liked both personally, from the standpoint of your average consumer…I can understand.

I’m sorry, you said you ‘liked’ Aliens: Colonial Marines? Who’s basement are you locked in where they forced you to say that, and how have they hurt you?


I played it in co-op with my friends, about two times to completion, and the multiplayer was enjoyable, if mindless. I found it to have great atmosphere, and felt very much like the original movies.

Do I like the original AVP games better? Sure, but it wasn’t bad.

I feel like the main problem originates form the fact that Bethesda makes Overwatch, and Gearbox makes Battleborn. I bet you if Bethesda made BB and Gearbox made OW, BB would be more popular. Bethesda is much more well known than Gearbox, as previously the only huge success Gearbox has had is Borderlands 2. Bethesda has made The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Quake, Dishonored, the list of great games goes on and on. I feel Bethesda gets a lot more attention for being a larger game developer, and ultimately overshadows Gearbox. If Battleborn came out a year ago, it would probably have more players. Anyway, I pre-ordered Battleborn for the sake of brand loyalty, but I haven’t been able to get my crappy computer to run it. Therefore I can’t give any in-game commentary. Sigh. I need my own computer.

EDIT: I’m an idiot and said Bethesda made Overwatch. My mistake. It’s Blizzard, not Bethesda.