"I love rhis game" moment

For all the tedious frustrating stretches, there are moments like this: playing my first character at 72 and im starting a new character to serve as a mule. Was dreading the tedium of getting to the stash so he could do his job. On my way to three horns valley to bloodshot stronghold, i gave savage lee one quick pass just for the heck of it. Boom dpuh right off the bat! Im pretty much striding through the stronghold one and twoshotting bandits. Since i also had the sense to farm knuckledragger first thing, have a nice hornet for the loaders and the constructor that has roland. So sometimes things do go your way.


I get that “I love this game!” feeling when I finish a boss fight, clear an area the way I envisioned doing it, etc. To quote Hannibal (A-Team!), “I love it when a plan comes together!”

I had a nice “I love rhis game” moment about a week ago.
Out of all the time playing rhis game I never used bore. So I tried it out the other day.
All I can say is I love rhis game!!! but then a again I have always loved rhis game. rhis game is the best!!
How can you not love rhis game?

Ah youre typing on a crappy phone, too. We should start a club. “Broke & Unintelligible TEXTAZ”

LOL Yeah dude rhis sounds great!!! XD

We got rhis!