I love the Borderlands series, but this game sucks

Targeting abilities is damn near impossible.

There are too many pvp objectives to know what to do with.

Ultimate abilities are unavailable for use for too long. Until then, it’s only 2 abilities.

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Opinions man


Must be your first MOBA style game

Hey Beck, i suggest you give it a couple of tries before you start dismissing it. Yes there is a lot going on in the PvP each mode has its own play style and strategies.

Targeting abilities impossible ? most abilities give an outline of how its going to throw, shoot at or jump. You can change the settings in the options from default to quick or hold. Also aim assist Dynamic/on/off.


The Magnus known as MINREC demands sacrifices in Meltdown Mode! Earn Appeasement Points by escorting herds of minions to MINREC’s altars. The first team to reach 500 points wins.

Meltdown Mode Tips

  1. Owning the supply buildable near the big minion spawn is a big key to controlling the match.
  2. Maintain the logistics buildables at the choke points on your team’s end of each lane. They can make the difference between an organized retreat and a team wipe!
  3. The large shard clusers spawn every two minutes. Make sure you own those areas so you can control the map. More shards = more buildables!
  4. Just because the enemy team beat you to the halfway mark doesn’t mean the match is a lost cause! The opposing team’s chomper/altar locations will move further back, making it much harder for them to score and easier for your team to catch up.
  5. Minion waves spawn once per minute. Keep track of the match timer and it will give you an edge on hitting the other team’s minions before they can respond.

It’s not. I’ve played LoL since beta and DoTA before that.

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Battleborn is a ‘Hero Shooter’. It mixes elements of the two genres.

What you described is basically ‘’’’’’’’’’‘problems’’’’’’’’’’’ with the MOBA part of it, and are highly subjective.

Arguably, it takes more time to get ultimates in LoL and DotA then in BB, but I have yet to play BB, so I can’t make that statement.

Someone do some testing on the PS4

It takes 5ish minutes to get you ult in Meltdown the most MOBA style match type. Unsure of others

Well, I think you will get accustomed to the mechanics as time passes. As I see it, these are all issues you can overcome with experience.

  • I am on the PC side, but I have played a lot of games with ground targetting using the controller. You just need to practise and learn how to do it.
  • Same with objectives. MOBAs from which the BB PvP modes drew inspiration from are a bit complicated to the uninitiated. I guess, soon there are going to be guides and opinions all over the place about how to procceed in a match.
  • Again with the ultimates, I believe that when you realise the importance of a character’s build, you will start adjusting your gameplay in a way that you won’t feel the need to have a smaller cooldown for your ulti.


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