I love the character chatter!

I just have to say that the chatter between the character’s and the call outs they do are just fantastic. I can’t vouch for the campaign game play since I have only focused on the PvP this past weekend. During that time I slowly started to realize all the different things they would say. I wish I could remember them all but I have never laughed so hard from chatter before. The one I can remember for sure is when I was playing as Whisky Foxtrot and walked past Montana hearing him say “Is that a (not sure what, but think he said Foxtrot) model? I didn’t think they made those anymore.”

If you have some chatter that you thought was great please let me know so I can keep my ear out for them.


Good bit of feedback. Appriciate the time you took. Ive always thought the writers of dialog were under appriciated. And there are definitely some golden dialog bits in BB.

That said, Ive moved it to the Beta General Discussion and Feedback category.
Thanks again.

Toby keeps me laughing all the time.

“I warned you! Did I warn you? I should have warned you…this is your warning! Sorry!”

Probably got that a little off. When he said that the first time I just stopped and giggled abit.

“Yaaaay, I’m alive!”- Phoebe 2016.

Honorable mention: Literally everything Benedict says. My favorite is when there is an Enemy Benedict: “Is that Benedict? Oh man, I love that guy!”

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Oscar Mike’s “Hey Nova, I DIED! It was awesome!” Gets me every time.

One of my favorites is when Phoebe is recalling/teleporting back to base at low health.

“Please excuse me, I’m terrified of my own mortality!”

Also I’ve noticed it comes up during killstreaks and when you become someone’s nemesis! Once again, to quote Phoebe upon becoming someone’s nemesis:

“If we keep meeting like this, people will start to wonder!” (Might have been talk, or notice, or some other word :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Respawn on Incursion, I was Deande, and was beside Thorn, the Wolf Sentry there at the base went…“Hey Thorn! You’re Pretty…uh I mean…Hey there, Thorn.”

After reading this, next time I play I’m gonna go into the options and try to turn up the dialogue volume, if that’s an option. I’ve noticed a lot of great stuff in the Story missions, but I haven’t even played PvP yet.

I forgot about some of the things they say when doing a recall. Talking about recalls I find it nice they each have their own style to. Toby’s is awesome, he just shoots himself back to base!

Try also setting some of the other sound options lower it helps a lot.

Just had the same scenario but instead he said something about a clone. (Was getting mauled by their team at the time so didn’t catch it all.)

Yep it’s awesome. Although I think Caldarius is not saying much (or funny). That’s sad because I like the character.
All the other characters truly have some cool stuff to say. It’s one of the most awesome aspects of the game^^

I love Ambra’s lines. I think I killed S&A and I hear “I will not rest till every god damned shirt is F@#$-ING TUCKED IN.”

I had to put my controller down I was laughing so hard.

There was a good one I heard from Ambra (I’m pretty sure at least) when I killed Rath.

“Someone pick up those swords.”

Yes! She despises Rath with a passion. I’m hoping we get more details on that. So far I’ve primarily heard specific taunts thrown at Galilea. Seems to me like there was a bad break up.

I love the dialog. I… Well, this may sound stupid but when Rath kills me when playing Miko he sometimes laughs slightly and mockingly says: “Heal thyself” and it’s so amazing. (I think it’s Rath…)

Or when OM sees a Whiskey Foxtrot and he is like:
“OH SH*T, it’s Whiskey Foxtrot”
Sounds so sarcastic, and I love the beep in the middle of combat. ;p


When Phoebe just comes back to life:
“The felt weiiiiiiiird!” The way she says it, cracks me up every single time.
And when she sees a Marquis
“That sniper, it’s Marquis” I love her accent when she says this. ;p

When OM throws a bomb thingy.
“Deploying explosive thingy!”
And when he sees a Miko.
“Walking mushroom spotted!”

I also love, in one of Miko’s taunts(the bow) they usually say very serious stuff. But sometimes they yell: TADAAAAAAA
Pretty funny with Miko’s voice. ;p

Well if you are going to talk about taunt chat you have to mention Benedict’s. Love the Arrested Development reference with the sound and all.

“Che-cha Che-cha Che-cha”

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Kelvin upon respawning:

“Revenge is a dish best served…you know what, nevermind.”

Absolutely brilliant they included being able to hear the commentary of other characters in the proximity alongside your own! Just adds to the element of getting enveloped in the game.

“I will not rest until every, shirt, on the planet, is TUCKED THE F*** IN!!”
WTF?! haha! cracks me up.
love it.

There are a few that have stuck in my mind.

During Incursion after a respawn: Sentry - ‘Ahh a ghost! Uh… Never mind’

Oscar Mike:
When he sees an enemy Oscar Mike - ‘Evil twin approaching!’
‘Tonight we dine in the mess hall! %*#^! Hell! I meant Hell!’

Shayne and Aurox: ‘Hey Aurox, we’re alive!’ Aurox: ‘Noooooooooooo!’

There are loads of other amazing lines I wish I could remember. Hats off to the writers and I think it’s amazing the level of work they’ve put in - each character has more than one shout out for other characters they come across. When you think, there are 25 different characters, which equals hundreds of different combinations of dialogue! That’s a hell of a lot of work! Well done Gearbox - the dialogue alone is a masterpiece!