👍I LOVE the cooperation mode!👍. And people don't talk enough about it

Story time

At the moment I heard about this ‘cooperation thing’ at E3, i could not really comprehend how this could work (and to be honest, I still don’t😅). Particularly with splitscreen, because you are technically on the same server right? And how does damage scale? What about quest Items? Exp? Bosses? So a level 1 charachter can join a UVHM session and actually be of help to defeat the final boss and not be a burden??? I NEEDED TO KNOW!!!

I even remember a interview where a developer from Gearbox was aksed what people dont ask enough about and he also mentioned the cooperation.

Then finally the game came out and there was no discussion of which gamemode we were going to play. My girlfriend and I both knew we wanted the cooperation😁. Then we started playing and we quickly noticed that using splitscreen is going to be a great challenge of patience. Especially my girlfriend had a hard time to keep playing because of the lag and was really missing the vertical splitscreen. It was so bad that at one moment, she could not take it anymore and quit playing for little while. I really wanted to finish the main story with her, but I was too hyped to wait so i kept going (luckily she didn’t mind). Later on she also played a little on her own but I did outscale her for almost 10 levels. Eventually she gave in and wanted to try splitscreen again. And thanks with the cooperation we can just keep playing and not even notice the level difference😱.

Even with my best friend, who starded to play the game way later and our level difference was almost 20 levels, I didn’t even feel the game was that much easier.

I dont know if other games have this feature and if it does, does it works just as good. But if not, then people need to talk way more about it. This need to be put in other PVE RPG’s.

I just remembered that we had this problem in Borderlands 2 where I just wanted to max level my charchter and my girlfriend didn’t always want to join. And although the level difference was only a couple of levels, eventually the difference was so noticeable in UVHM, that she did no damage, she could not stay alive and I had to res her every 5 seconds. Which of course is not fun. Now with Borderlands 3, anybody can join with whatever level and always have a good time. Mabye I will try a new different charachter while my girl wil keep playing same high level one.

Now i’am sorry if I sound a bit too much like a “Captain Obvious”, a broken record or praising this one and only feature like its making the game a 10 out off 10. Which is does absolutly not and this game has still a lot of problems. But it just blows my mind that this is even possible. How far we got in development of videogames to make this happen and i wish this was in so many other games (or I am just big dumbass by not noticing it was already in other games😂).

Share your story with me :grin:and tell me if your were in a situation where you we were happy to have cooperation. And please let me know if you know other games were this feature is also present.

Coming from a level 40 Zane and 32 Moze, playing on a ps4.


my friends call me a ■■■■■ for turning cooperation mode on lol

Why though :joy:?? Do they love to fight with each other for the best weapons?

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It’s not less than a godsend. I play on a fixed day every week, one of my buddies plays every evening, another buddy plays only once or twice a month but for two days straight.

You can imagine that it’s impossible to coop usually. Not in BL3. I actually works, and I am sincerly impressed.


yeah pretty much

This x 1000.

I started playing Borderlands with my kids and it wasn’t long before we were at different levels and it killed some of the fun for the over- or under-leveled players. So, yeah, the level-scaling in BL3 is a massive win for families like mine who like to couch co-op.

… then there’s the instanced loot. Wow, that’s also a family saver if there ever was one. No more fighting over loot.

Nice work GBX!

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Since One Tamriel update in ESO, this type of mode has been the baseline for me in multiplayer RPGs. I also love the cooperation mode and it is one of the best implemented mechanics in BL 3.

I’ve loved this coop mode since playing it on Dead Island.

yea coop sounds cool if you have friends to play with, if not it sucks, random ppl have duped and modded items and running around killing everything with glitched damage from ward shield and immortality glitch from the relic bug…

What relic bug?

I guess people dont ask about this because “instanced gameplay” has been a thing for a few years already…its not really anything new.

I knew this had a specific term but couldn’t remember. Also, sure it isn’t something new but it was done well in Bl 3 (besides server/menu lag I guess) unlike some of their own fn brand mechanics.

World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 did this alomst the same way.

If you are underlevel you would artificially level up to level cap or highest level and your weapons would scale to your new level. Enemies were instanced and calculated/adjusted whenever you interacted with them. Debuffs, damage attacks, distraction etc.

So from my point of view BL3 doesnt really makes anything special. Its the same thing and it has the same problems.

If you are 50 and your friend joins you at lv 10 he will have the same damage capabilities (based on white, green and blue weapons) but will miss most of his skills which are level-locked. The ones he already has scale with him but he wont have the end-skill, he wont have a relic or a class mod. Also many orange items dont simply buff up your damage but change the way you play through unique behavior. People scaling up to be helpful will miss out on all that to the point where you are scaled up to 50 (from 10) and still feel useless becasue you kill 1 enemy and your buddy clears the room in the same time.

These were serious problems in a PvP environment but of course in BL3 this system enables low levels to help out and not feel useless.

I m just not that impressed or in awe like you are ^^

OMG, this new cooperation is the best thing ever especially since ive never played anything besides borderlands and definitely not guild wars 2 im so glad gearbox coined cooperation maybe future RPGs could use this i am so impressed i would say i m in awe and definitely not super pissed that we are paying for a generally beta state game. :joy:

Yeah this is where I look honestly confused and politely back out of the discussion :slight_smile:

This reminds me of my nephew who recently ran up to me and was excited about a softdrink he tasted for the first time in his life (dont ask…) …yes, it tastes great but its really nothing special and of course he wouldnt know about all the potential problems in consuming it either ^^

Anyway, cheers, glad you like it hehe

I’ve been meaning to make a post about this, but I’m lazy and I tend to forget

Cooperation mode is by far the new feature of BL3. Being able to play with my friends regardless of their level is ■■■■■■■ amazing. I once used a level 50 with my friend’s level 1! No more waiting to reach level cap, just jump in and go. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coop in the game, I still don’t understand how it works and you know what? I don’t care!

You dont have to understand something you like. But theres always an explanation waiting patiently in the back for the time when you want to know a little more. And I think its important to point this out because otherwise people give credit for something to the wrong provider and disregard whoever had the idea in the first place.