I LOVE the dialogue in this game

(jmsitzman) #41

Same voice actor.

(jmsitzman) #42

Ambra: I will not REST until every shirt on this PLANET is TUCKED… THE F**K… IN!!!

(SnazzySquid) #43

“He will kill us so hard!”

That mission has the best dialog. Mostly because of Boldur. I’m sorry, Dr. Professor Boldur! Nova referring to the Jenneret Babies in her serious Nova voice is good, too.

(MaddPatter) #44

This comment… it is like many bears combined into single bear!

(SnazzySquid) #45

Besides being a funny comment on it’s own, i wonder if this line is another Sea Lab 2021 reference. Gaige in BL2 had “Strength of Five Gorillas”. The original line was “I have the energy of a bear that has the energy of two bears!”.

( the Destroyer) #46

I still hate when the Sentry Dares calling me Cute…

It makes me want to take this word (°-°)-- “Facebook”

and just

(╯°□°)╯︵ ʞooqǝɔɐℲ

(jmsitzman) #47

My favorite Orendi launchpad quote is: It’s a good thing nothing is REEEEEAAL!!!

(maledicus) #48

It is absolutely amazing how much work they put into all the voice-acting no matter if it’s story-missions or pvp-games … i just can tell about the german version and it’s fantastic. I’m in love with all dialogs around Nova … but at least i love them all, no matter how often i hear the same comments, phrases, dialogs between characters … i allways have a smile on my face :slight_smile:

I was amazed when i once hear the sentry on incursion sing a very popular german song. I made a clip of it and if you’re on xbox live and interested then search for “maledicus GER” ( my xbox live gamertag ) you will find the clip there.

Best regards.

( the Destroyer) #49

If anyone knows Steve from Borderlands, Isic, has a nice reference to him:

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #50

I just played a round of The Algorithm earlier today. I heard some new dialogue from ISIC to Ghalt about why the varelsi may be attacking. ISIC just went on this really long tirade about the possible internal conflicts the varelsi may be suffering for them to waltz into our dimension and start handing it its own ass. He kept saying “Just think about that, champ.”

It was quite amusing.

(Velocitas est Vita) #51

Yeah, I did notice that. I was thinking more in terms of personality as well, but eh.

(The RAbbi) #52

They had that one in Open Beta, but it took me like 40 or so runs in live release to finally get ISIC to say it again. I loved that one!

([PSN]I_am_Havoc ) #53

“You think that was scary, try this on for size: AhHahahahaa, hahahahhahahhaaaahaha, ahhahahhhaahaha, hahahhahahahaha…”

(Rogahar) #54

Orendi is voiced by the same person as Tiny Tina so yeah. It’s glorious. :smiley:


Everything ISIC and Orendi say is pure gold.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #56

I believe this is really just a joke as he knows the player exists. He says many different names. Of course, the whole mission is playing off the fact that he knows he’s in a videogame.

(The RAbbi) #57

So were two characters in Fallout 4. Ashly Burch is making her way around, and outside of the 2K family now too. One of the two characters in F4, it wasn’t anything at all like TT. Not half bad. She’s not a one-trick pony, that’s for sure.


I recently came across this dialogue in the Renegade while playing Phoebe… she has the usual “The generator woke something up, damn you Science!” and the flirting part with Caldarius but this one is totally new… When Ghalt says that if he was Caldarius he would totally kill Deande and Deande retorts that she would do the same to Ghalt, Phoebe opens up something along the lines of “what if his brain is not mush after a thousand years Deande? hmmm hmmm?? What about his brain.??” … loved it…!!!

(Thrall Lover) #59

Even the written dialogue is a joy to read, especially when you juxtapose it on the person saying it.

Attikus: long monologue about punching Rendain in the face
Mellka: Sooooooo… You punched him in the face?
Attikus: Yes. Yes, I did.

And the flavor text on the synthaline tonic. “Yes, it does make you more aggressive. Problem? - Foreman Grall” This is a very sassy thrall.

(Brandlethorn) #60

I love the shipping when Montana kills Thorn.

I just heard a new one today. “You’re really pretty when you’re angry, which is all the time!”