I love the game crashes!

Dear Gearbox,

For God’s sake, don’t fix the crashing problem, I love it! I’ll have a full room of legendaries, because I’m shuffling items around to mules, and the game crashes right in the middle of it. Causing me to lose 30- ish items after farming for a couple hours. Fantastic! I get to feel my heart skip a beat, and think of all the great gear I just lost. Especially the gear I had been farming for in the last couple hours, that didn’t save to my cloud yet.

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If you’re on ps4 you can manually upload your save to the cloud before you transfer weapons to mules. Not sure if this is the same on xbox or PC, but that way if it does happen you can redownload the save and you wont loose the items, I know it’s not a solid fix but at least its something

I wa able to load up my cloud right after, because I just got on. It was still one of those moments of “oh crap, did I just lose half my hoarded gear”?