I Love the game, except

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I guess topic title says enough. I really like this game, especially the Meltdown matches. There are just 2 problems I have encountered.

  • Galilea. Every MOBA start with some OP characters, but I dont understand why Galilea hasnt been nerfed after the Open Beta. She was a monster allready and seems even stronger now. Much has been said and written, but since it annoys me a lot, I have to mention it. When the game starts and opponents has Galilea, all I do is try to avoid her. I would like to see her removed until they nerf her a bit.

-Matchmaking. I rarely play exciting matches. Or i get crushed 500-160 (usually team forfeits before opponents get to 500 points) or I crush the other team. That’s a shame and I think it’s because matchmaking isn’t good. First of, keep parties of 4-5 players away from solo players. Second, match players skill based, it seems so random now.

For the rest, this game is a joy to play on PS4.

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Galilea was nerfed during the open beta. I don’t understand the problem with the unbalanced matches though, I fairly often have a good match that’s within 100 points.


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They should set up a mercenary type mode when no parties are allowed like in CoD and Battlefield. That way solo players can compete against other solos. Will nit help regarding level or skill match but it could make matches entertaining.

Yeah, I went into an Incursion queue earlier with a 3 man party and was matched with two soloers - our lowest acc level was 22. We were matched with 5 soloers of which their highest level was 4. Needless to say we had our butts handed to us - no, we demolished them entirely in under 7 minutes. Something seems a little off about this, but I still can’t quite put a finger on it :upside_down: .

that beta nerf ONLY removed some movement speed and left her as broken as ever.

Agreed. Galilea and matchmaking are two of my complaints as well. However, I do realize that this game hasn’t even been official for a week yet…

I’m positive that with the next patch within the upcoming week will fix her, much like they did my beloved Ambra. :cry:

They halved some of her helix heals.

100% agree with this topic. I don’t have much of an issue with Galilea anymore since I was basically forced to use caldarius in response and now love him. But this matchmaking is some BS. Battleborn is starting to lose me very quickly and I hope that the devs are truly going to address these issues that is literally posted ever other topic…there’s no way they cant see that their system is ■■■■■■ up right? Ah well w/e i’m gonna go open some loot crates elsewhere still this crap is fixed.