I love the pvp but hate the campaign and looting choices

loving the pvp gameplay but i really hate the campaign and how the loot is done. anyone agree with me? if so what would you change and how?

I have yet to find a legendary item, but it doesn’t bother me so much… I log on have a few games of PvE, a couple of PvP and that’s my night over with… I have loads of blue items, and quite a few purple… There isn’t really much to it… I just need to find the best route to get legendary items without smashing Advanced as I can’t figure out a decent character to do them efficiently… PvE is great though as it allows you to become familiar with a new character you’ve unlocked before you dive in head first without know the mechanics… So that’s why I’m glad there is a PvE element to this game :slight_smile:

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I have like 6 legendaries just from playing algorithm a bunch of times doing lore challenges.
Ps they aren’t that amazing so don’t get hung up on getting them

Kind of feeling the opposite right now. The PvP for me is extremely difficult to get into (waiting for about 15 minutes now and still cannot get into a match). Even when I am in, the spawn timers getting to 40+ seconds I think is ridiculous, and I have felt every match my characters was pointing their fingers at the other team making “pew pew” sounds because it never seems like I am doing any damage.

Are you on steam? There’s a way around match ques. Also it plays like a moba in terms of damage. Your not meant too head shot people and kill them. It’s different from a cod shooter and more like hots in terms of player vs player damage. Just a different style and pace to get used too

I played a crap load of PvP on beta and now im mostly PvE but do some PvP when someone needs a player in a premade team.
Cant be bothered to play PvP with randoms, its simply just not worthy wasting the time.

I just got Geoff’s legendary. It isn’t fantastic.

The way the loot system is designed you are encouraged to use the shards on buildables as much as on items and for further balancing it appears that most items regardless of tier are about the same in strength.

There are definitely some items I would NEVER use such as the legendary shard extractor because my white shard extractor is entirely better for its purpose (making shards).

Most legendaries seem pretty lackluster for the time it takes to activate them anyways. ISIC’s was a let down for me. The only good one I have found was from the Digital Deluxe randoms: a bottle of Tea that heals you a TON for just sprinting.

I would love to see more gear drops in PVP. I’m not high enough rank to buy the best crates and have a hard time justifying purchasing the low level ones.