I love this game but it has SERIOUS ISSUES

This post has been edited to include my ongoing steam review:

For me this game is amazing because I love the replaying the co-op campaign with different heroes. However, I would not bother buying it for the competitive mode.

[U]My favorite heroes[/U]
-heavy weapons
-Barack Obama
-witchblade elf
-space marine
-dark samus
-sith lord

[U]My critique of the co-op campaign[/U]
-mission 1: good
-mission 2: good
-mission 3: too repetitive
-mission 4: good
-mission 5: good
-mission 6: too repetitive
-mission 7: too repetitive
-mission 8: good

[B]A list of issues:[/B]

  1. There is way too much grind for a game with so little content because leveling up the heroes takes forever.

  2. Both the heroes and the enemies can get stuck in the co-op campaign maps and this can be game breaking.

  3. The heroes are extremely unbalanced and because of this the competitive mode seems to be broken.

  4. It is difficult to get a full team because players disconnect and then the game never adds new players.

  5. This game desperately needs more missions and maps.


1.) Yeah I agree. Though the cons to this in this current game is A.) People don’t want to be placed in a losing match. People complain about that in R6:Siege and Overwatch. B.) Once the character has already been picked, the new player might not want to play that character or has no idea how to play that character.

2.) Again agreed, they should start out with all or maybe just half of the cast unlocked.

3.) That’s why they’re making more.

4.) Annoying and hope that gets fixed.

5.) I disagree there. In every moba there’s balance issues and always will be balance issues due to a person finding a new way to use the characters kit. The characters are not crazy unbalance, though some might seem stronger than others, you just have to get a little more creative with it.

This game can learn a thing or two from PvZ 2.

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I think Call of Duty (Black ops 3 at least?) tries to deal with this by not giving you a loss state if you joined a game in progress. You do still get a win state if your team wins, and still gain xp and challenge progress normally. At least this way people could get to play if they are experiencing bad matchmaking times, though I do agree with the majority that constantly joining a losing match is not fun at all. Especially in a MOBA scenario where snowballing is very common.

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Yea but for me PVZ 2 gave me such a headache I would never buy it. speaking of which has OW every seemed like pretty much PVZ concept just with a different art design and delivery?

  1. Happens, especially after a sentry dies. The whole idea behind this is that the Leaver doesn’t get to play a different match, but that doesn’t mean anything if the Leaver doesn’t plan on playing again anyway. Would like to see this changed.

  2. Leveling is fairly fast in this game, both for commander ranks and in game levels during matches.

  3. They are working on that.

  4. Haven’t seen this myself, so I can’t say much on it.

  5. You need to list examples if you way to claim the characters are ‘extremely unbalanced’

Really? PvZ 2 for me is much more relaxing because the competition is much less intense. OW is nothing like PvZ. PvZ has so much crap to do. BB has more stuff to do than OW, but PvZ wins out by a mile in that department. PvZ 1 was better than PvZ 2 though.

I’ve seen people complaining about this, but I’ve only had a few games where people quit out.

That, is an opinion, not a criticism. I personally love it, and think there’s a ton of content for people who love challenges. Though the base EXP rates could do with a s[quote=“smithjacobp, post:1, topic:1480797”]
light increase.

They will be added, Gearbox already announced it.

  1. The AI in the co-op campaign sometimes gets stuck or does absolutely nothing and this can be game breaking.

Never had this happen to me, but hey, that sucks.

Like, 3 characters need nerfs, and 2 of them need buffs. Yeah, totally unbalanced.


To me it seems like you’re not actually keeping up with the Battleborn page.

They are trying to fix the problems, but first they have to replicate the issue, find out what’s wrong in the coding, find out how to fix it without f*cking something else up, and then go through the song and dance to get the update live on PS4 and XBone, because they have measures in place that stall hotfixes, and then something else always goes wrong.

Just be patient, they aren’t ignoring the issues, they just have a sh*t ton of things to go through to fix them.

Out of the 8 heroes I play as, ISIC and Galilea do way too much damage. They are really fun to play as because of this, but not fair at all. The leveling is definitely too slow. I am almost command rank 100 so that’s fast, but I only have one hero at level 15.

I am willing to be patient.

Well i loved and own PVZ but PVZ 2 just seemed alil too unbalanced for too long for me to even think about buying. Don’t get me wrong I think PVZ 2 has TONS to do with split screen the hub, and game modes it’s not even an comparison in quantity. I mean doesn’t it feel like the modes OW does have seem directly ripped from PVZ its like here defend this square, move this, defend here, switch during combat to adapt to certain offensive or defensive characters. Or maybe that’s just how i See OW just somewhat Lackluster and much more like a blizzard CoD.

  1. Yeah its unfortunate and I hope it will be fixed soon

  2. I dont feel that way, Ive noticed its a person to person thing, But I love leveling up and grinding it

  3. They are going to be releasing these

4 .Ive never had it permanantly stuck, I actually commend them for seemingly have made it so when it does bug out after a set time it will reset to the correct way and the story always continues.

5 . I feel everyone is pretty balanced rn except gallys helix

The story does not always continue. In example the boss in mission 5 can get permanently stuck invincible.

Thats unfortunate, Ive always had it fix itself on a multitude of missions, sorry to hear that

Bump. I guess this is going to piss people off who think the game is balanced.

Galilea is OP
Alani is OP
Marquis is OP

Maybe others because I do not play the competitive mode much. This is very subjective.

They can’t do anything about quitting.
1: These games are all unranked, so there should never be a penalty for quitting.
2: You can’t throw a new player into an ongoing game. The helix level, team comp, and momentum is all too important to mess up with a random character being inserted.

When ranked rolls out, then quitters should be heavily punished for leaving Ranked matches.

Lol sounds like you’ve been beaten by Marquis, Isic, and Gal. None of them are op at all (Gal was). They all die like the rest :ok_hand:

Even if these were ranked games and there was a penalty for leaving, you’d still get people quitting. Some things you just can’t fix, you CAN find a workaround however.

Sure there would be quitters, but far far less. This game is like Leauge with its match progression. There’s nothing you can do about it, if there was League probably would’ve figured it out years ago.

Alani is OP
Marquis is OP with an Aimbot.

Alani is op bc she is new (they all will be at launch), and yeah probably, but no aimbots on Xbox :slight_smile: