I love this game

This weekend, I decided to take a break from TPS and fire up BL2 for old times sake. I suppose the waves of nostalgia were very powerful for some reason.

After completing about 1/3 of a UVHM reset and half of a DLC, I ended up calling it quits. I guess I don’t represent the majority of people who have played both TPS and BL2, but since TPS came out, I have had less than 5 hours in BL2. And over 220 hours in TPS.

Dont get me wrong, I love both games to death. I imagine I will be back to finish that playthrough on Pandora eventually. But not before putting a substantial amount of time on Elpis first.

Anyone else feel this way? Anyone else feel differently? Am I going insane?

Between the lasers, cryo, and low gravity, I’m also in the TPS > BL2 camp. I especially like that UVHM is playable for me this time around, it was just absolutely rage-inducing for me on BL2. My only real complaint is that the story feels short. Still a great story though, at least in my opinion.


The thing I have noticed is that mechanically, I find TPS more playable. Meaning:

  • Low gravity fun
  • Lasers are f#%king sweet
  • I love Jack and Nisha
  • Entertaining as hell to freeze people in this game. By far prefer cryo to slag

There are other aspects of this game that lacks in comparison to BL2, I just did not miss them all that much.

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Going along with the posts here so far, the scaling is a lot more fair in the later PTs, particularly UVHM. There are only a few rage-inducing difficulty spikes (like that idiotic turret-calibrating mission with badass after badass coming after you, and that nerd telling you not to kill them, so that the woefully weak turrets can kill them instead after a million hits, or you play damage sponge as you bounce around freezing them and weakening them–worst mission in Borderlands). I like the low-gravity gameplay and the lasers. Wilhelm’s toys are awesome, and Athena’s flying melee skill is a joy. Cryo is so much better than slag that there’s no contest.

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TPS has more enjoyable movement mechanics (low gravity and slamming specifically), but I tire of spending so much time wandering between mini mobs of soft enemies. When I jump back into BL2, there are much denser mobs of much more stern, enjoyable enemies. This may also not be a fair comparison, but BL2 has way more variety of enemies, weapons, and environments.

Note: I have no problem with the way TPS is now; I just like my mobs with a little more Tabasco.

I have over 1.6k hours in BL 2, so I play TPS as a change of pace. It’s still Borderlands, but different. I can’t say I like one more than the other, but I do like Krieg and Clappy because of EXPLOSIONS?! I guess I like the insane characters for some reason. :wink: Should I be worried? :worried:

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I’m with you on that, I think I passed 3K hours on bl2 so TPS is still borderlands but new characters, guns, skills, low gravity, slams, etc… It’s enough to keep me going playing games I love. Bl2 was pretty much done for me after all that time and I wasn’t really playing much at all by the time TPS came out. So I’m glad to have something to keep it fresh for me.

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I still play sometimes with the missus and a friend of ours, but it’s usually TPS if it’s just me or me and our friend. Speaking of TPS, I need to go finish the Holodome one of these days…

Yeah me to, I’ve done some peak runs but not a whole lot of hours in bl2 since TPS and when I do play bl2 I want to butt slam.

I got really burnt out of BL2 after playing it non stop for about 8 months last year. I’ve been jumping back and forth between the original BL and TPS.

Just started my first Claptrap a week ago and I’m loving the randomness, dialogue and explosions.

I haven’t played BL2 since TPS came out. I occasionally think about firing BL2 up but then can’t think of anything I want to do. Another playthrough? No. Another character? No. Another …? No.

I still have plenty to do in TPS and another campaign DLC is still to come. It is also easy to reset UVHM and play through as the story missions are not too long to get bogged down. Have just completed 3rd UVHM playthrough with The Baroness trying different builds and skills - she really is a monster at mobbing.
I can literally run through areas killing everything when Avalanche stacks are up.

went back to pandora after getting 100% in tps to finish BL2 100%. that first jump when you realize you no longer have a Oz kit… priceless! i really enjoy this game but needs more content story/mission wise. hope the next dlc will take care of that.

I was reluctant to play TPS because Jack and Wilhelm were my sworn enemies! I got over that pretty quickly. Cryo is awesome, and I enjoy the introduction of oz kits. It did seem the story was a bit short but maybe there will be some DLCs to come along? I have been wanting to go back to BL2 for a bit but I am in the TPS zone at the moment…

I just want the next gen version, I have not played TPS in months

what was awesome was going back to bl2 and killing nisha and willy! and trying to jump a gorge and realizing i dont have an oz kit!


yeah, in BL1 the other day, I was baffled that I couldn’t get up on a rock that was at eye level. And it doesn’t take BL1or2 to make me miss low gravity jumps, the missions on Helios force me to remember how to play without gravity slams - change my loadout even.

I do miss the more steampunkish, old west, Mad Max vibe of the previous games rather than the VERY sci-fi heavy vibe on the moon, but the gameplay improvements make up for it.


I have 2000+ hours spent into BL2 and a few hundreds into TPS. So I can be very objective in comparing both. I prefer TPS much more than the the BL2 , eventhough BL2 has much more DLC’s, raid bosses than the TPS. Gameplay wise, everything is much clearer and smoother in TPS. Even public games are more fun. Besides lasers and cryo, the character designs are also a big success in TPS .They are more balanced and I have much more motivation to play all of the vault hunters.

I stopped playing BL2 around mid last year. (after maybe 600 hours in it). Then started TPS around Christmas and put maybe 60+ hours in it. After I stop playing TPS I play BL2 again. Not much as I used too, but still a few hours here and then.

I cannot see me going back any time soon. Maybe if the last DLC is out.

There actually is a way I found to cheese that mission. I’ll tell you over PM if you want.

I’m with you @Afro_Samurai.

My Wife bought us the first level cap increase and main DLC campaigns for BL2 (PS3) as a Christmas gift, but we’ve been stuck on TPS.

It’s just so much fun.
A perfect balance between BL1’s difficulty and BL2’s sadisticly goofy characters + friggin sweet gameplay.

Then again we haven’t put nearly as much time into TPS as BL2 yet - completed NVHM about 2 weeks ago with our first characters (btw Willy and Athena are an AWESOME team) and starting TVHM this evening - vs BL2 all 4 vanilla toons at lv50 TVHM complete.

Gotta kill Iwajira before starting TPS’ TVHM though - I think at lv35 we can take him… Tried at 23 and realized he doesn’t scale to level on NVHM…

“Oh hey there Mr. enormous kraggon…”
" :open_mouth: …yeeeah… I think we’ll have to come back later…"

Loving every second!

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