I LOVE Warfare Rumble!

The past few days I’ve been playing pretty much nonstop, trying to maximize my time with this new mode!!

Not only does it make it so much more fun (and much less hopeless-feeling) for us non-rabid-PvP players to actually get kills for daily quests, lore, etc., but it caused some surprisingly dramatic changes with the dynamic of certain modes (especially Incursion) and the playability of different characters!!
I’ve been seeing people running Ernest, ISIC, Kid Ultra, and other defenders, which is AWESOME and really adds to the diversity of the otherwise-predictable character sets I’m so used to seeing! Plus, not only are they being played, but they’re doing ridiculously well, with dozens of kills, which is great to see!!

Although certain characters definitely became super common throughout the weekend (most notably Pendles, Marquis, Caldarius, Whiskey, and-- no surprise-- Ernest), it’s still been a ton of fun to watch and play through!!

Thanks SO MUCH for the fun weekend, Dev Team!! Boggles my mind how much work you devs put in to the game (even if this might be been a fairly easy event to set up, haha!), and know that it’s totally appreciated!!
As the event comes to an end, my fingers are crossed that this mode might get an occasional return! Either part of the weekly rotation (:pray:SAYIN’ MY PRAYERS​:pray:) or maybe just monthly events or something? Dunno, but it’s quickly become hands-down one of my favorite modes, and I am just HOPING HARD that it’s not gone for good after today, haha!!

You’re awesome, GBX crew!! :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:
Thanks again, and lots of love from your purplest fan!! :purple_heart:


As much as it was kinda fun, I’m so glad the game is not always like this and actually requires some skill to play :stuck_out_tongue:

In my third game I got 2 pentas in the first 5 minutes of the game with Ernest. Reminded me of the time I played the Overwatch free weekend and got a penta in my second game :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, kinda funny but skill-less, I don’t wanna see it too often, I’d rather see some other crazy modes first! :slight_smile:


I got an insane multi kill with Oscar Mike. Wurf.

I posted about how much I loved Warfare Rumble, as well.

Played it allllll weekend!

I recognize your PSN name, @Lemur , came up against you many times!

Great games!

If you want, send me a PSN friend request, I’m FilthyLittleGod

We will play again sometime!


I never got to play, How was Mellka? Did she Fluter and Thrive like we know she would? And does anyone know what the changes where for this mode? Like +Skill Damage %, +Attack Damage %? I want to know for next time, so I can play accordingly. Which maps where in rotation? Was it including Minions, or not?

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All maps and modes were in rotation, Mellkas seemed to do just OK.



:frowning: How Dare They!! That settles it, whatever the buffs where in attack and skill dps, thats what her rework needs.

Wait, did I stumble on the way to save Mellka?! @EdenSophia, I found the Answer!! Thats why they tested this mode, to find if these buffs will help Mell!! We are all fine!
To be honest, that shouldn’t surpise me at all. Its kinda sad.

I thought this was the worst one yet. I tried it once. It was a face-off match. Ernest simply sat on the depository in his egg and randomly sprayed grenades all over the place. In the few minutes of the match before I quit, I think that he had over 20 kills, all just random hits from bouncing grenades. If there ever was a demonstration of just how ridiculously overpowered Ernest is, that was it.


It was definitely a fun, casual mode that mode playing mellka possible for me.

if youre wondering why i cant normally play mellka:
high latency.

  1. all skills have a delay before initiating, mellkas health doesnt normally allow for that delay, but in wf i could twitch fast enough to kill with spike late game, and assassin in with lunge, and chase kills with her ult. i still died randomly from things i have no idea how they hit me, but thats to be expected.
  2. for some reason mellkas reload relies on the server to respond, so i usually have infinite venom canisters after my first magazine. in this mode i could feasibly run all reload gear and i just had to watch out for caldarius.

theres other latency related problems with mellka, but they werent countered by this mode and im out of time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love this mode. I’ve been playing the living hell out of it. It’s a complete blast. I finally mastered Whiskey Foxtrot!

I’m OK with bots battle being replaced by this mode. It’s the most fun I’ve had with all of my clothes on. :smiley:


I’m honestly both impressed and amazed (a bit surprised!) that you and @MonaMars still even play!

Why is that? We really like this game! The matchmaking can be horrendous at times, but it seems to have gotten better lately. We actually thought that this warfare rumble might be pretty good, given the quick time to kill, but it turns out that certain characters are just so ridiculously overpowered that they totally ruined it.


No, it’s admirable, man!

You guys are troopers!


I worded my post awkwardly.

@easplund @monamars

I played about 40 hours of Warfare Rumble this weekend, Sunday for 14 hours straight as only ERNEST, ended up getting about 700 kills from FRIDAY evening to Sunday evening lol.

You are an animal! Oh, you ARE Animal!

That doesn’t surprise me at all! In the few minutes of the one match that I played, Ernest just turned around in a circle, firing grenades like a friggin’ lawn sprinkler, and got over 20 kills! He just randomly killed my Pendles from the other side of the freakin’ map without even knowing I was there a couple of times. He one-shotted Mona’s Boldur a couple of times with a randomly lobbed grenade. It was ridiculous. We just had to quit that nonsense.


Ha, see i’m the opposite. I’m glad it’s gone and i won’t miss it a bit. For a match or two it was fun…i guess, but this game doesn’t lend itself very well to a high time TTK. I also didn’t necessarily see how it encouraged diversity so much as limited it. Every team that did well had some combination of ISIC, Marquis, Pendles, Ernest, and insert a fifth spot of your choice. Also i know i’m beating a dead horse at this point, but it would be really swell if these limited time gimmick modes were just added to the current queues instead of replacing them while they are running, or barring that replace Bots Battle for the interim


Maybe do an arcade thing, with all these gimmick modes in rotation?
Can we have that, @jythri? I think it would be better, and with the vote there are four options, 3 that are randomly chosen rumbles, and fourth being bots battle.

Haha, I expected to hear lots of flak (people are more vocal when angry than when happy), but I’m glad to see other folks liked it!!

Definitely!! The normal game is always best, but this was still a really nice, refreshing change-up. And what was interesting, too, is that it involved a bit more craftiness & cunning (which are certainly skills in their own right!) – Utilizing patience and stealth actually had a PURPOSE, because if you could manage to sneak past a distracted team then pretty much any character could take down a sentry! It was a totally different gameplay style and, luck/frustrations aside, it brought out interesting possibilities!

Eeeyyy, I recognize you, too! Haha! I ended up fighting a lot of the same people; once I found a group, I tended to just stick with them! Added ya on PSN; I’m definitely down to play any time!

Mellka seemed to do alright! She consistently got 10+ kills, whenever I saw her played! Really, I think it all boiled down to how well people could play the characters. Like, when they announced the mode everyone was saying that Shayne would never get played, yet I saw multiple people get 20+ kills (among the highest of the match) with her!

I’MMA SAY RIGHT NOW THAT FACE-OFF WAS JUST ABSOLUTE ■■■■ IN THIS MODE. Face-off is my FAVORITE mode in normal PvP (so it frustrates me that I never manage to get it, haha), but I literally had a nightmare on Sat. night about having to play it in WR!! People showering the drop point with AoE skills and Ernest mines… 8’’’) THE WORST.
Incursion was hands-down the best mode for it – which is also funny for me, because I usually hate & am incessantly bored by Incursion!
So, really, it all just boiled down to the mode you play, and how serious you try to take it. It’s obviously just meant to be an asinine game style, so the more you laugh with it then the more fun it was! I even busted out my ugliest taunts, just because it was infinitely funnier to watch my final moments during an Alani dab. XD

This is the one thing I’m totally not onboard for, though, haha. BOTS ARE THE ONLY GAME MODE I LIKE. WAAAHHHH!
For real, I desperately need them to remain, because I am just too casual & weak-hearted of a gamer to play PvP!! – I hate ruining peoples’ day on the rare occasions I actually do well, & also don’t like wasting hours of my life constantly struggling to get air against a really good enemy team!

You say that as if every normal (coordinated) PvP team doesn’t fit within a few very similar character sets, too, haha!
Seriously, I can’t even remember the last time I saw an ISIC in PvP, and the only time I ever see Ernest is when my buddy plays him. Yeah, it did limit the use of some characters, but it also gave the ones oft-neglected in normal PvP the chance to actually be successfully played, which was the only point I was making. :stuck_out_tongue: I even saw Mikos being used as damage-dealers, which is pretty much an impossible concept, haha!

I am so down for this!! Either an “arcade mode” that rotates out (because I missed out on the bobblehead-mode by just a couple of days, and am super bummed about that!!), or maybe a vote instead of a rotation?? Either way, it’d be rad!

Only played it once and will never touch it again. I can’t understand what else is there to like about this mode aside of getting achievements/titles. It’s extremely boring to 1-3 shot everyone even tanks.


Good thing you can’t touch it again, then!

It’s just fun. I don’t play video games to prove myself; I just play it to goof off, which the mode was excellent for! :ok_hand: The dynamics were very different, if you bothered to explore them, and matches were all a toss-up, so it was just overall more lighthearted and enjoyable than the usual, stuck-up PvP!


I concur. Sure, it’s broken as all hell and I was able to down the enemy sentry literally in 3 shots as Ghalt (cough), but in the end it was just dumb fun. A Kid Ultra was getting all in my ass in a Face-Off match; I longshotted a Caldy as ISIC (in Siege Mode to boot); Orendi’s Paradigm Shift almost literally tore me apart in Capture; and seeing 9999 damage while playing Ernest right before Pendles hits me with Injection thus sending Ernest’s now rotting carcass skyward was greatly amusing.

Oh, and Marquis… ■■■■ you Marquis, with a cane made out of cheap wood.

Request: Something I think would take the edge off many people’s PvP woes would be to have a bit of a “Rumble List,” similar to what Overwatch used to have in its Arcade Mode, the folks who want to have their hyper-serious eSports matches can go to Quick Match/Incursion, and everyone else who just wants to dick around can have Battlebots and Rumbles.

Just a thought.