I love when developers listen to their users!

I just updated BL3, and tell me this new getup isn’t dope! Fr fr. That’s what I love about Borderlands’ developers. They listen to those who play their games. Most requests and bugs go unanswered or they’re ignored. Not these people. That’s one reason why their games are received well and are so popular. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve the game and find ways to keep us engaged. That’s how every game and app should be!


I’ll have 2 of whatever this guy is smokin, frfr.


Yeah they seem very open to all sorts of ideas and ways to make the game better which is quite refreshing to see, super excited for future updates and dlc :slight_smile:


sure , people been asking for rerolling system since day1 and nothing happen .


If GBX actually listened, MH2.0 would never have been the hot mess it was and alot of players would have stuck around.
Make no mistake, GBX is not listening to the players so much as trying to stop the bleeding. MH2.0 was like a sliced carotid artery…


Yeah. If they were listening to everybody we wouldn’t be stuck in a 10 month long hotfix. Haven’t been able to play the game offline since launch. I paid $100 to be a beta tester.

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Bruh, I’d be pissed too! What console, or is it on PC?

My bad, I meant to reply to the other post

What console or is it on PC? I haven’t played much lately bc I’ve already beaten the game on TVHM and Mayhem 3 and 4. So I was waiting on he newest dlc to drop, but everytime I played it, it worked for me.

Okay, maybe I’m not as picky as some lol. There are games where I feel like they totally ignore us, but not with Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel, and BL3. Plus, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc, delaying ■■■■ too.

Confirmed. “Fr fr” is the new covfefe.

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BL3’s developer’s hearts are in the right place, yet it seems that there is some lack of prioritization within the company. Also I dislike being rude, but it seems coders are slacking and causing so much unnecessary headaches with poor executions of updates. Can’t fix anything without breaking 3 other things.

I can understand the current issue with COVID-19 causing some issues with rolling out updates that are meaty and well executed BUT prior to the lockdowns the updates were still a hot mess.

I wish them luck, until then, I’ll play with the hope that eventually they’ll get the game to where it needs to be for optimal enjoyment.

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You mean fixing the xbox one x crashing due to bl3 uh I mean split screen oh uh nvm

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the game was destroyed with mayhem 2.0 it was unplayable garbage and the latest fix has made it back to what it was before,

I love the game again… sure they should never have broke it in the first place but at least they listened and fixed it.

Once they turn off modifers or add a bunch of better ones and give us a use for eridum the game is fixed and they just need to add new content to keep people interested.

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