I love you Borderlands: But Why?

Honestly folks, is there any other game you would rather be playing? Not me.

But I have to presume that you must be a bit of a masochist to fall in love with this franchise. Let’s be honest … Is there another game (excluding Call of Dooky) that gives the middle finger to it’s players quite like Borderlands?

Example: when I go into FFYL and need my weapons the most, all of a sudden my awesome killing machine has been reduced to the equivalent of chucking marshmallows with a sling shot.

Another example: Going into FFYL just after killing the last enemy in the area. I mean why even bother having to bleed out at that point? The game should just say “F You, Come Again”. It would be more fitting and utterly hilarious.

So, in conclusion, I guess for me, the humor and being so fun to play in general supersedes the aspects that annoy me … So I say to the game … "F You Too as I Come Again.

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Yeah I ■■■■■■■ hate when you and the last enemy down each other simultaneously. That’s just wrong. I always thought they should have programmed a 1 second window that would get you back up

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If you don’t like the FFYL mechanic (for any number of reasons), just don’t use it? When you take a knee, just tap out and die (like most other games when you run out of health)?

I like that there’s an option to save your skin. Borderlands (for me) has been the least ‘gives me the middle finger’ game I have ever played, but I’m sure we’re looking at it through different lenses.


Don’t get me wrong … I appreciate the FFYL option. I was just pointing out the aspects that annoy me personally but not enough to keep me from “losing that loving feeling” for the game.

Did you play the original BL1? Going into FFYL meant being rooted to the spot and having the screen steadily black out on you so you couldn’t see the target you could revive off… That really cheeses me off in solo play! At least GBX fixed that aspect in BL2/TPS.

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Yes, I’ve played the original. I know exactly what you mean. :joy:

FFYL took me a bit to get used to, it’s an interesting mechanic.
And yeah, it goes bad. Always irritating when you’re spec’d into Blight Phoenix and you bleed out but you see the wings animation indicating you did kill the opponent.

And the other day I was downed, bled out, revived and got the banner indicating I had gotten a Hard Boiled challenge done by getting a 2nd wind with a pistol, even though I did not revive, just killed the guy that could have revived me a nanosecond too late.

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This game is some next level the graphics and modifications are the best
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What addicts me to Borderlands is the pace.
Once I start playing, I got hooked on the action, action uninterrupted by extraneous stuff.
Take the Fallout series as a counter example. Way way way too much talking, pick one fo four responses over and over again. And Elder Scrolls, which I love, when I try and drop back into Skyrim I just think Oh no, all this running across endless landscape.
And don’t get me started on crafting and picking up random pieces of rocks and weeds.
BL gets to the point, and you’re never far from another fight. That’s what keeps me coming back.

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My problem with both FO4 and Skyrim is that I like all the crafting way too much. I’m familiar enough with most of the dialogue that I can just :fast_forward: it, so that’s not too bad.

And I also love the pace in BL games when you’re in the middle of a mob, but I can only take so much sensory overload before I need a break. Gears 4 is much worse for that because even getting from A to B is pretty much all fire-fight, so I need to take that even slower.

In Skyrim yeah, I skip all the dialog since I’ve heard it all 50 times.
It’s Fallout, Horizon Zero and other that have the 4 option dialog wheels for NPCs that just take forever to move through to get to the next quest, that’s what irritates me.
Then there is some straight D&D game I downloaded (Think it was one of the Warhammers) where whenever, and I mean every time, you interacted with an NPC it had to hit the disk and transition into another mode. Jeez, what a time sink, deleted that out fo frustration.