"I Love You Guys!" A Fragtrap's Guide to making friends!

I love Claptrap, I really really do. Yet, it seems online, simply the use of your Action Skill is a reason for a boot, or for everyone to leave. I can understand the frustration some may have as a result of the random nature of Claptrap. I’ve dealt with those who welcome a Fragtrap with open arms, an absolutely wonderful all Claptrap game, and then the people who hate your guts for being born. And in this I will display some tips, some of my own and some suggested by you, on how to be a tolerable, or even lovable, little robot.

The Essentials

Don’t overheat it.
Overuse of the Action Skill may become irritating to your buddies, while some people may not mind, others might not like being thrown into Funzerker in the midst of a gunfight. Also, who knows if you might get Clap-in-the-Box during the raid? A suggestion I would make would be to use your Action Skill as health recovery if all else fails.

“Oh god I can’t stop!”
If someone is in Fight For Your Life, if you can safely get to them, rather than use VaultHunter.EXE in the slim chance of getting Senseless Sacrifice, just lend a hand to get them up, because I know for sure seeing someone roll Funzerker or Rubber Ducky when standing next to a downed player isn’t really being a team player.

Sharing is Caring
This is a problem that can go for everyone, you see that guy, you see that Legendary Mod for his class, he doesn’t have it, you don’t have it, so I suppose you’ll just go: “SCREW YOU GUYS!” and take it. Don’t do that, if you’re able let the Wilhelm get that classmod, it’d be better for the entire team if someone can use the Class Mod instantly, rather than someone horde it for a class they may never play any time soon.

As a Claptrap, you do not lose Oxygen over time, and do not die if it goes out, so if you’re able, use Oxygen to revive someone, it’s faster, and you don’t need it to live anyway!

Time for something different
This is a tip towards all classes. If a Claptrap has the misfortune of rolling Clap-in-the-Box, let them in first, the explosion needs to damage an enemy otherwise the poor bot will go into Fight For Your Life, or if you’re too close, hurt you! This is a problem I witness ALL THE TIME. Seriously, give them the space and the target, it will make everyone happier.

“More fun times than Sunshine, more friends than Galaxy”
Always remember to have fun, what is really the point to playing the game if you’re not having fun?

Laughing Metal Asses Off!
Get Maniacal Laughter. Seriously. It’s a first row skill and easily one of the best for Claptrap. The Elemental Effect Chance increase is helpful for almost any build. And then for all the Elemental Effect Damage, you get stacks of Maniacal Laughter, which cause team wide health regeneration!

Here are some items that can help!

Excalibastard freezes any freezible enemy upon Crit, though the sad part is, you can only get one per character. If the problem is that things are dying too fast, make another character and get their Badass Rank up to 2500 as soon as you can and then, have them pull it from the stone to give it to Claptrap.

Vibra-Pulse is a weapon you get during the main storyline. It is always Shock and this is great for taking down shields. It has the added bonus of being a Moxxi weapon, giving health regeneration as a base effect, it also has an occasional electrical arch that likes to shock other enemies! Also, the arch LOVES to glitch and happen with other Lazer weapons, so that’s great too!

Edd1.e is an Oz Kit that loves you. It’s overattached and will occasionally repair shields, send you care packages full of ammo, money, or health, and send electric shocks towards enemies every once in a while, though it seems to happen much more frequently with melee. I’ve never seen a shock done by Edd1.e that didn’t cause an electrical effect.

Laugh it up and go be a badass!

Your Tips

User suggested tips go here!

From the Mind of a Mysterious Alchemist
Avoid “kick him whiles he’s down” and “I am rubber,you are glue”.

Asking buddies for high fives takes forever.You can just run to trash mob and allow him to melee you.

Feculator’s Totally Titanic Trio of Tips!
Just don’t get clap-in-the-box. I hardly noticed the “aggro” I was supposedly pulling, I still got the enemies deciding to run across the map will I’m fighting for my life. As for the damage, if you’ve got a halfway decent gun you could just kill everyone normally in the time it takes to explode. If you’ve got a good gun, you can kill everyone in a third of the time

Torgue Fiesta is similar apparently, just don’t get it. I didn’t spec into it, myself, based on advice here

Corrosive guns. They may be less potent, but they are great for Maniacal Laughter. It works in vacuum and lasts longer. Heal your team!

Try to synchronize your .exe’s. All that malware flying around at the same time can lead to some devastating combos. Ever had a “one shot wonder” and “funzerker” active together on a boss? The boss ends up crying in a corner!

CoonTail’s Freezing Tricks
Another tip is that Boom trap builds looking to be team players should be running cryo without question because it works great on both sides.
As clap you get a massive boost to your explosive damage from cryo
As claps teammates you get all the awesome debuffing bonuses of cryo without having to apply it yourself. I don’t think there is a vaulthunter out there that doesn’t enjoy some cryo support from time to time. I mean hell it literally lowers an enemies DPS to 0 while they are frozen and grants you damage perks…

BookEmDano’s Best Buddy Tips!
Best Buds 4 Life + High Fives Guys is great survivability for a downed teammate and offers a practical way of using High Fives with your teammates without bugging them too much. With those two skills active and 10/5 in BB4L your teammate will get +70% Damage Resistance, +8% max health/sec, +15% Gun Damage, and +50% Fire Rate. Now get back out there and fight!
Gun Wizard (You’re Going to Love Me) seems to trigger quite often when your health is low and you’re using your action skill for self-healing purposes.

GAZE INTO THE EYES OF… cowthulhu45
the cathartic oz kit (from poop deck(haha poop)) is amazing for maniacal laughter stacks.
make sure you and your buddies have a quad to swap to to save ammo when you funzerk and to kill things really well.

“Hey everybody! Check out my package!”


Very nice guide and well worded!

Will definitely keep all this in mind when I start my clappy because ill only be playing him on a team, with all his team bonuses I see no point playing him solo… But I also don’t want to be annoying the s**t out of people.

Got to say I have to agree with not speccing Torgue Fiesta, many times my mate would get it and I would throw my sticky bonus package at the wall infront of me… Sigh…

Well, keep an eye on this place, with UVHM I’ll be leveling up more and experiencing more situations, so this will expand more and more over time. Glad you like it, thanks a bunch!

@Koggeh A couple of tips for Brotraps

  • Best Buds 4 Life + High Fives Guys is great survivability for a downed teammate and offers a practical way of using High Fives with your teammates without bugging them too much. With those two skills active and 10/5 in BB4L your teammate will get +70% Damage Resistance, +8% max health/sec, +15% Gun Damage, and +50% Fire Rate. Now get back out there and fight!
  • Gun Wizard (You’re Going to Love Me) seems to trigger quite often when your health is low and you’re using your action skill for self-healing purposes.
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If we’re talking gear, no claptrap thread is complete without the Too Scoops. IMO it’s a great gun even if you aren’t specced into boomtrap. One of the most reliable cryo guns, though it requires a bit of practice, and a warming shield is recommended, but damn, your buddies will notice everything being frozen for sure.

Sshhh trap seems to trigger if you’ve recently thrown a grenade. So if a buddy is down, and you’re too low on health to hero-revive, throw a grenade before running vaulthunter.exe to minimise chances of funzerker or rubber ducky

I hope everyone had a great holiday vacation…Thing. Anyway, new tips are coming.

Be careful when choosing skills. I run ACTION.EXE almost whenever I can. Why? Almost none of my possible action packages are harmful. I don’t get Clap in the Box. Any skill that can do widespread damage to yourself is a no no.

I don’t ever get “I am rubber, you are glue”. Me having the possibility to toss grenades that can kill my own team is a dumb idea. And reflecting bullets isn’t that great either. Claptrap already has impressive tanking abilities, reflecting bullets is not as useful and your own weapons should be sufficient.

One Shot Wonder is iffy. Good for boss battles, a huge waste of ammo for mobbing.

I’ve had times where I’ve had to use my action skill to restore my health before trying to revive someone. And naturally, this lead to activating “CAN’T STOP FIRING!”. Figure out which enemy they are targetting for a second wind, then weaken it, but DON’T KILL IT.

As for oxygen, there’s no reason NOT to use oxygen. Even in oxygenless environments as there’s almost always a geyser, room, chest, destructible, dead enemy who will drop one nearby. I’ve only ever encountered a problem with this ONCE and that was in Vorago Solitude because nobody on the team could take a hit. And since I’m always the fastest to react I wound up reviving everybody for like 2 minutes straight, which then lead to me not killing enemies, which lead to the team going down a lot more.

Maniacal laughter is awesome, problem is I can’t figure out how to proc it regularly. Claptrap seems to actually be laughing for it to start taking effect. I’ve had 11/5 points in it and 150 stacks with DOT being active, and no health regen.

Oh, and High Five Guys! I will always stay on top of reviving people. When I revive you, quickly high five me! It’s amazing how many people don’t even know that thing exists.


Totes. My group makes this a standard. Claptrap revives (and why shouldn’t he since he doesn’t use oxygen and has Best Buds 4 Life) and then high five. Add vaulthunter.exe with gunzerker or mechromagician and you have instakills, really.

The reason why it doesn’t work as well as you think it would is because every DoT is on it’s own independent timer so even if you stack to 150 you won’t see a linear decrease in your stack count. Basically you lose them as fast as you gain them.

I agree with the rest of your post and play support Clappy very similar to you. The only additional Action Package that I take is Gun Wizard. I want to increase its frequency by not taking any other additional Action Packages. One of Clappy’s best and helps the entire team.

The individual stacks wasn’t the thing in question. I’ve known about that forever. The problem was that maniacal laughter doesn’t seem to proc consistently. From what I’ve noticed, Claptrap actually needs to be laughing for it to take effect. And I have no idea what procs that. I’ve tried shooting a hellfire, tossing a storm front, slamming with a corrosive oz kit, and switching to an excalibastard in a short period of time, nothing happened.

But yes to the gun wizard, there’s literally no downside and I seem to get it 50% of the time.

Yep, definitely an issue with ML not always procing. I haven’t attempted to determine what may or may not cause it to work though. Until recently, I didn’t even spec into the skill.

I haven’t noticed this and have never seen it mentioned before. I’m going to have to go back and revisit ML.