I love Zane, but I’m just having issues


I love Zane, but I can’t seem to compete on mayhem 4 levels, it’s just too sloggy. On harder bits like the trails and slaughters, I can’t seem to keep up. Am I missing something? I’ve tried multiple builds, weapons, etc and am happiest with the red racer build by sin tree, but I’ve also done the full on ccc builds too. Only place my gear is really lagging is class mod and kinda relic…I just can’t give us 25% weapon damage and 20% crit damage and points in some of my favorite skills.

I like moving around and like shooting enemies in the head, but I’m finding Amara and Moze easy mode in comparison. I’m working on leveling flak now, lol. I will admit I’m not the best at these shooting games, Borderlands is the only series I play.

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maybe stop copying other people’s builds? moze is definitely in harder place then zane because she has ugly healing options.

there are plenty of easy to play builds evolving around CCC but crucial difference in damage output comes from correct use of annointed dmg variations. m4 i not for any fun styles it is about crit dmg and gun/elemental dmg stacking. you will not be able to do same dmg as other zane players who have bonus dmg on shield and nade on ase and bonus dmg on sntnl/clone swap ase etc.

even still plain meta guns and CCC setup with either big boom blaster and distributed denial or just CCC split into half hitman and half doubleagent but if you are trying to replicated kill skill max hitman build with playing dirty focus you will have trouble.

grab a maggie bekah dictator cutsmans and you are go, i would advise @studdugie approach as it is super tanky and easy to maintain and eventually you will do the needed damage.

P.S. warning you might break either your pointy finger or mouse 1 because that will be a lot of clicking

I’m @studdugie and I approve this message :grin:! And this is what he is referring to.



You and @Hexxusz0r have good tips on a playstyle for Zane, but Zane’s design does do the best highlighting the limited options Zane players have at higher layers of gameplay. I don’t think the devs had in mind that each class would only have one or two viable builds at end game and that’s most noticeable in Zane.

Gear is more important than anything else…

Zane lacks good annointments and class mods.

In addition, the whole tempo build on zane is fairly difficult to play optimally. If youre not hitting crits AND going fast youre going to lose mad amounts of dps.

In boss fights with large areas you can compensate for hitting crits with snowdrift relic (and snowdrift + crit spots is actually absolutely insane) but yea…

Try going down the green tree for the instant action skill reset on freeze and focus on 100% barrier uptime + maybe sentinel annointments if you find good weps with it. The way sin tee plays it is really execution heavy - the guy is a mechanical beast to say the least.

But yea its not like pressing action skill for 250/300% more damage.

Some of his relics are a complete joke. Apply 1 random dot for freezing? alrighty then…

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do not worry about mayhem 4 it will be redesigned

I’m really referring to the OP. Mayhem 4 is a stress test for build variety and it shows Zane has very little. He needs several buffs and his damage equation needs more multipliers (it’s almost only additive). They can change mayhem 4 all they want, but if they don’t rethink these classes a little, you’re gonna see the BL2 problem where everyone has the same 3-4 builds and uses the same dozen guns.

am i the only person who genuinely enjoys the challenge in mayhem 4?

M. Takedown is the only thing you really want a party for - its like 1 step harder than regular M4 which is probably by design.

Regular M4 really isnt all that bad…


I don’t have a problem with it anymore myself. Once you get the tempo, it’s fine. Just in terms of the OP, it highlights how hard it is to make Zane work. You’re right in your comment above: he’s very execution heavy and outside of that, he’s got one other main build (CCC), other than the standard tedior chucking, which crosses between classes and flattens variety.

Here is mine in which I tweaked over the coarse and find I am having fun with(farmed prior M4):

Give clone facepuncher, spam rockets.
Dome and Clone uptime usually lasts the fight.

Face Puncher
Shock and Corr Scourage
Lucians Call Cryo
Cryo CrossRoad
Shock/Fire Cutsman

Mod: Executer (1/5 Violent Violence, 3/5 Playing Dirty, 1/3 Good Misfortune)

Relic: Cutpurse Otto Idol

Shield Stop Gap

Cold Bore: 5/5
Cool Hand: 3/5
Salvation: 2/5
Death Follows Close: 1/1

Under Cover:
Adrenaline: 5/5
Brain Freeze: 5/5
Confident Competence: 1/1

Double Agent:
Synchronicity: 5/5
Praemunitus: 3/3
Borrowed Time: 5/5
Donybrook: 5/5
Fractal Frags: 1/1
Duct Tape Mod: (Grenades do not do enough in M4 yet to justify)
Pocket Full of Grenades: 2/3
Boom. Enhance.: 1/1
Trick of Light: 3/3
Double Barrel: 1/1

Terror Zane is FUN and very good.

I have no problem with m4 either, i incorporate terror on my ccc zane. I use a terror maggie and grenade with terro fire rate and damage. I’m still bad at hitting crits so i go with terror ammo regen on the shield to compensate. I hit 100k-120k on frozen enemies with max terror stacks.

Also getting the comfortable with anointed enemies as well with zane.

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I unfortunately I don’t do that great with terror even though I collected the stuff to keep it running after All Hallows’, but I could barely hit the broadside of Haunt with it up. Build wise the build I listed was very close to what I liked, but did it a bit better. There have been some great suggestions that I can’t wait to work on

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i use clone and drone and time each to optimise healing and damage when i havent had a kill, although my drone is out most of the time as i have a fair few annointments that give cryo damage when sntl is out.

just having a play atm with putting less points into the clone to make it less survivable so that i can get more out of damage on action skill end annointments as well.

i did play with ccc for about a day and it does seem pretty good on mh4, i just dont have the skill to bang all those crits off and the barrier annoys me a bit having it in my vision lol.

as @Hexxusz0r mentions, have a look at creating your own build as we all have differing playstyles and while there are some powerful builds out there, they may not necessarily fit with how we individually like to play.


oh and p.s.
mayhen 4 isnt the most important thing - the most important thing is having fun :grinning:


Murl had me :rofl:. I wish he gave out more missions and had more lines.


Lol yeah.

I changed a few points around in my build (at the expense of not getting distributed denial). A friend sent me a asc band of sitorak as well, and getting higher damage output as i get comfortable with the terror ccc zane build.


Terror CCC Zane with the crit terror anoinment is fantastic. Once guardian ranks has been fixed I have in mind a non CCC build paired with ASE elemental damage that I plan to use for soloing MT again before they nerf it over the holidays.

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Thank you, this is dead handy. I’m not doing mayhem 4, but it really helps