I loved so many parts of BL3 but at the end of the day I feel cheated

Remember BL2? How many of us die hard fans kept playing it years upon years after it was released? Just to legit beat Voraceidous or take on Omm nom whatever for a Twister gun chance? Defeating Master Gee even though his rewards sucked. Soloing the Dragons of Destruction and getting nothing but maybe a stinger, yet happy I did.

There is none of that here. There is no real endgame.
Love it or hate it digistruct peak was endgame. Having 1-2 raidbosses per DLC endgame. Hell farming a Cobra for kicks was endgame.

I certainly had fun on and off for two years but I doubt I’ll revisit it. It’s a crying shame because there is so much awesomeness yet as a whole the cracks in the mold show. And GB, despite improved movement, sound, this and that, you failed to live up to your 9 year old predecessor.

Let’s hope you change that with TTW.


My point is satisfy those that made your game a household name and new fans will follow. Innovate but don’t leave out the elements that earned that fandom and success. And please write a story we care about, a multilayerd villain, and for the love of all that is holy ignore socially acceptable norms(PC)


They will definitely not change that with TTW. Why would they? The ‘release a game with as little content as possible and defer stuff for dlc / later releases (e.g. vermivorous fight)’ has worked flawlessly so far, so why would they give people more content than the bare minimum? And of course charge the full triple A price.
And oh boy everybody is going to buy TTW because they loved assault on dragon keep. Nothing’s gonna change.


let me just say you are romanticising something horrible

a raid dropping seraph that was no better than purple anarchist, abysmal chance to get a blue rarity medicore sniper that happens to be splash. this is not why bl2 was good

it was good because unless you were rocking super meta , it was pretty challenging and that came from the very fact that stinger was not 300% better than anarchist and cobra was not better than muckamock. horrible legendaries pearls and seraphs allowed bl2 to maintain a challenging difficulty level that could only be blown through by sham fleeting or abusing bee with unlisted pallet bullet hoses.

bl3 has much more endgame the problem is that it does not feel like endgame due to how strong the gear and vault hunters are. all trials and slaughters are endgame mobbing they just do not feel like it because ■■■■ like monarch lightshow backburner hellwalker radical and million more exists. Gearbox has no way to save this game aside from complete nerf oriented rescale.

i did not play bl2 because of what you have listed there, i played because if i would find correct range with sawbar and control the mobs with quasar and turret on axton i could do dope damage but it still was not an overkill (no bee) in bl3 i am constantly stuck between either overkill or does not do enough damage.


I don’t get this.

If Digi-peak was endgame, you have 2 raid level gauntlets (MTD and GTD) in BL3. If raid bosses are endgame, you have 6 or 7 in BL3 compared to 9 or 10 in BL2. If farming is endgame, you have way more of that in BL3 since a) you have more things to farm; and b) your chances of getting a good drop are much lower than BL2.

There is little actual difference between the endgame of the two. I get not liking how the content feels to play, but the content itself is basically the same. If you want to see a Borderlands with no endgame, look at BL1 and TPS (much as I love them).


That’s why Amara is the best VH in BL3… You don’t get extreme overkill, unless you abuse some melee stuff… I’ve had the most fun playing BL3 because of the gameplay. I can’t go back to the other games because of the gameplay.

I would like to see wall dodging and straffing added to the movement of VH’s in whatever comes after TTW…


Let not be around the bush…

BL2 was more difficult
TPS was abandoned before becoming decent
BL3 made for casual players (everything before Mayhem levels is pathetically easy)

It’s not hard to see but you WILL feel it if your accustomed to BL2 and then you feel so empty after completing Bl3 to realize there is no real endgame.

Now that being said there are 2 types of (Endgame) in my opinion: and they are #1 farming for perfect gear with the best possible parts ect, #2 Fighting bosses that are extremely difficult until you get something rare from that boss.

BL3 has #1 but no ultra hard endgame bosses (insert recycled boss from BL2 & call it a day) or progressively more difficult areas (True Circle of slaughters?)

Grab a plasma coil from arms race and forget this is a looter shooter because everything that makes Borderlands fun dies when you get one item that can do anything.

BL3 is so focused on doing as much damage as possible and it’s lost all meaning when they can’t be bothered to buff all the items in the game equally across the board.


Call me a dirty filthy casual, but i absolutely loved BL3’s endgame. The gear and action skill variety ensured a HUGE amount of potential builds instead of being forced to just google the BL2 meta and drop sources to slog through yet another raid on digistruct peak. I didn’t google a single thing and my Amara is a phasecasting singularity beast who shreds with the Lob and Hellshock. I really hope they keep this format of buffs and build diversity with Wonderlands, just with more raid bosses and takedown type endgame content.


BL3’s base game had more content than any of the previous Borderlands games, and a lot of content that certainly doesn’t come anywhere near fitting the “as little content as possible” mentality. Judging by most of the games released today, I’d say BL3 does well in a time play comparison, beating out most of them in a single playthrough, and providing hundreds or thousands of hours of re-playability. They’ve added events as well. And they’ve made it so we can turn those events on or off any time. They’ve added farmable loot to pretty much all the named mobs in the game - increasing the re-playable factor. So, the facts show Gearbox has done more than any kind of “minimum”, and, not only did the base game release in a state which more than satisfied the cost in terms of game-play time, they continued to ADD things to the game, for no additional cost, that increased its value.


Exactly… The only one’s who did suffer from BL3 were some console players… But, being on PC, I never ran into issues as much as they had. BL3, and the Borderlands franchise in general, has provided more content than any other game I’ve played. I get that some may be salty, but it’s only a select few that I would agree with. Other than that, this game was worth the money and I will be getting all future BL related games on day one…


Disagree. I was accustomed to BL2, and BL3 was a breath of fresh air on many levels.


Okay good. No need to elaborate :slight_smile:

its hard
often we connect a lot of experiences with certain games
that can be influenced by our age, life situation, comparable games at this time, innovation at this time, past experiences and expectations

for many people bl2 or even 1 might have been the first experience in that franchise, that world and it felt overwhelmingly awesome and we fell in love with the game, with the soundtrack, with the maps, with the enemies, everything

in bl3 we tried to have the same feeling again but everything doesnt feel new or special because we know it already so all we do is comparing and looking for improvements
we get used to the loop and it almost feels like doing the same stuff over again but in a world that we didnt fall in love with

ofc there are objective takes on both games that you could consider superior or inferior
but how much does it actually influence our experience compared to just romantic feelings


This might be true. I may have played BL2 sooo much I got burnout. I also think it was indeed more difficult endgame than BL3. Maybe that is the problem.
I still don’t get why gearbox left out regular raid bosses that were super hard, and dropped awesome gear. The plasma coil should have been locked behind a super hard boss, as should most of the best guns. Then again, the Unkempt Harold was obtainable after reaching Sanctuary in BL2 so maybe the rose tinted glasses are on.
I played BL2 on and off for 5 years. I only returned to this game after a several month hiatus to grab a Bekah.

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I think borderlands 3 is the best one yet. And it’s 2 years later, and I’m still playing it.


It’s sad but , mods will finish the game … after 2 years nothing has been really changed , always the same issues , balance is all over the place , garbage anoints , useless class mods ( hello Rakk commander ) now all i can see it’s people talking about " How make wonderlands great … " , " what BL3 did wrong - don’t make the same mistake … blabla " , people already forget that BL3 exist ? Or they don’t want to remember it ? BL3 is not over yet we still have much more to do , things to be patch , at this points we can just say " let’s go play Wonderlands , we don’t care about BL3 , we don’t have hope for it take my money , next game … "


I have immensely enjoyed all 4 borderlands titles! Definitely play BL2 more, but still got over a year out of Bl3…

100% looking forward to March.

End game is hardly a huge money spinner for development, and despite this GB do make efforts to engage the community with DLC and loot, and new game modes.

The community is pretty epic, and there is plenty of serious gaming to be done in this franchise on any title. The Twitch 1life community streams, e.g. Grieg to Op10 no deaths, are both disturbing (life?) and invaluable benchmarks.

Looking forward, as with other titles, I think uploadable community maps, weapons and enemies could be added like community maps in Unreal Tournament. That might make far more end game options on any title.

Only real issue on console is load times, and save quit farming just sucks on them. Which I try to avoid in whatever way I can.

Not that I think Rakk Commander is a great COM since it is literally just copy paste Red Fang, but it isn’t useless. It is a meta COM for Rakkstab if you don’t have Peregrine. Having a niche use case as an alternative COM in the most powerful build on a character doesn’t necessarily make it great or even good, but it certainly isn’t useless.


BL2 was difficult for the wrong reasons. Mandatory healthgate exploit and slag arent stuff I miss.
I had thousand and thousand of hours in BL2, and since BL3 came out, I couldnt go back to 2’s endgame.


IMO the endgame of BL3 is making different builds and utilizing the expansive weapon/gear/skill combos and testing them on takedowns/slaughters/trials.

In BL2 the endgame I enjoyed was making a new char, level 30 or fresh, and hopping into games with randos. There’s a lot more to do there that’s replayable that doesnt feel trivialized while you’re playing through normal/TVHM/UVHM.

I’m a 1 build/1 gear set kind of player so for me the enjoyable replayability comes from replaying content with randos/friends (with it being a challenge, not how in BL3 everyone is a Salvador). I enjoyed BL2s endgame more cause there is more to do. And the NPC dialogue doesnt make me want to mute the game.