I’m looking for rad and/or shock recurring hex. I have the following items I could trade

I’m pretty desperate I’ve been farming forever and can’t find any.

Willing to trade the following (all level 50):

Fire Lucian’s Call

Cryo Lucian’s Call

Fire Rowan’s Call

Cash infused Brainstormer (annointed- while autobear is active, 20% bonus incendiary dmg)

Burning laser sploder (annointed- after phasecast, status effect increase 50%)

Shock shreddifier (annointed- on ase weapon dmg increase by 100%)

Fire Binary Cutsman (annointed- after phaseslam melee dmg increase 200%)

Kill o the wisp (annointed- on ase fire rate increase by 11% reload speed increase by 26%)

Annexed Lyuda (dmg 938x2 - mag sz 16)

Compressing Firestorm (annointed- while digi clone is active regen 12% mag ammo per sec)

Corrosive Handsome Jackhammer (annointed- on ase next 2 mags deal 50% corrosive dmg)

Companion (annointed- on ase next 2 mags deal 50% bonus cryo dmg)

The Lob (annointed- while autobear active regen 8% mag size per sec)

Gratifying Devil’s Foursum

Rough Rider

I’ll update this list if I find anything else I’m willing to trade.

Hey mate,

I have Rad and cryo recurring hex.

Im wanting your shock crossroad

message me and join my game - CriticalHit26

Hell yeah thanx!

i have shock hex will trade for transformer and alchemist

Yes I will do that! Are u on now? If you could send an invite my gt is magyklyXdelish


What does hbkd mean?

messaging now. Gamertag is Gaynz