I’m Lvl 53 and it’s taken all my skills from me?

Afternoon. I’ve had a problem for a while since the valentines special came out. Once I completed it I wanted to respec my assigned skills on Zane. However the respec machine took my skills but now thinks I’m lvl 1 and cannot reassign my skills. Any ideas ??

Apart from remaking a new character and just popping my loot in the bank I don’t know what else to do.

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Try in someone’s game or start/reset TVHM maybe it will help.

I’ve played in another persons game and tried resetting and starting TVHM, still nothing.

Do you think I should reinstall the whole game again or wait for the new dlc and hope that levelling up one level resets it all ??

I don’t think it will help, but you can try. Simplest solution is restore backup save for that character, but Idk how to do it on Xbox.
Maybe if you earn enough xp for level up the game will fix itself. There should be another topic with that issue, maybe there is a solution.