I’m new to this, so help me understand

Im currently playing on mayham 8 after slowly move up from 4. I was really enjoying the progression and trying out new legendaries I never used before. Then all of a sudden my when I got to mayhem 8 all of guns and skills just stopped being effective. Even the ones that drop in mayhem 8 don’t seem to work. I respect my character a couple times but no change. Nothing seemed to help After dying countless times trying to defeat the cartel boss,(like dark souls levels) i was compelled come to the forum to see if it was bug in the game I didn’t know about. If anyone can answer: Is this a Mayhem 8 thing? Do I need an update or something? It seems so counterproductive to have all these fantastically designed guns, with all these unique properties, and they are so ineffective at higher levels, I hope it’s just me. …This is my first forum post of any kind, so please be nice.

Mayhem 8 and up will require a very optimized build and some of the best gear. Currently, most people are using weapons like the sandhawk, Kaoson, Yellowcake, and OPQ to clear high mayhem content.


Are you able to clear Mayhem 7 quite easily? If yes, then Mayhem 8 shouldn’t be difficult — at least this is the what GBX thought it would be.

I never tried Mayhem 7 then going to Mayhem 8 so I don’t know. I went from M4 to M10 directly.

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Just as Lioness_Rampant mentioned. The higher mayhems require much more min/maxing than the lower levels do. That’s where the increased “difficulty” comes from. Between mayhem 1 and 4, almost anything will work. The higher difficulties will require high tier guns with anointments that specifically line up with your skill synergies. The three secondary bonuses on class mods and relics also become much more relevant.

Other simple things that can lead to extreme differences in damage output are the elemental types and the mayhem modifiers that are active. Paying more mind to switching to more effective element types, and having modifiers that actually help your damage such as the grenade damage one for moze can make a world of difference.


What Mayhem mods are you playing on? You might have gotten “not in the Face!” which heavily penalizes critical hits and just by that can severely cripple your overall damage output.

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Thanks for replying ! So from the looks of what you guy/girls are saying and some YouTube videos I checked out, it seems that I have to get a little more sweaty then I want to, if I’m going to jump to the higher levels. 7 may just be my wall. Sucks to see the weapon, skills and mods variety get so obtuse the higher you go. Another question, if I may… is there a way to cut off the mods or revert back to the old Mayham? It’s sometimes gets a little crazy, and with all the loot on the ground and enemy’s and mods, I have a hard time even seeing what I’m shooting at.

try to get atleast 1 gd m10 drop , use it to clear content with it

from my experience, straight going in m6 with m0 item > get m6 unseen threat >get m6 sandhawk > get m10 unseen threat >get sandhawk.

people keep saying ur build needs to be super super synergized, but in fact all u really need is ase 50 + any good m10 weapon to reach the bare minimum , com artifact stat do matter but its min maxing

Gigamind can be an easy source for some M10 gear, getting a Hellshock is a good idea. Also have you tried rerolling your M8 modifiers to get something that’s a better fit to your preferred playstyle?

I actually used a trick to go straight from mayhem 0 to mayhem 10. In the Handsome jackpot dlc, you fight a boss named Freddie. Freddie has a random chance to spawn at level 2 instead of 57, but he will still drop mayhem 10 guns. All you need to do is get a corrosive cutsman/lob and perhaps a decent electric gun to kill the loader enemies in the room to trigger the boss fight. Then, if Freddie spawns as a level 2, you can quickly kill him, and then teleport back to the start of the map. As long as you don’t kill both of the loader bosses that he spawns with, you can keep running back and killing Freddie over and over again.

This isn’t an optimal farm in the long run, though since half of the guns will be his dedicated drop, the autoaim sniper. But it is great for cheating a few good weapons that will help get you on your feet in mayhem 10.

Only ever seen that happen on PC.

I’m not sure if it’s pc only. I’m a pc player myself, so that could be the case.

I’m on PS4 and it’s never happened for me.

Why do i keep seeing people mentioning rerolling the mayhem modifiers? That cannot be done anymore, right? The mayhem modifiers are now static from what i can see.

You can reroll modifiers at any time.

I’m going to have to log in on my PS4 to check that, i have not seen any rerolling option anywhere.

Go into inventory screen, hit R1 to tab to the mayhem tab, look bottom right for reroll on square.

I have a mental picture of you battling the nastiest set of modifiers known to man when you could have eased the pain all along. :rofl:

Omg you were right! :star_struck: How did i not notice that derp. Rerolling them might drive me only very slightly mad :roll_eyes:

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I imagine healy avenger + buddy system or big kick energy + holy crit would be a lot of fun lmao.

I would still recommend the handsome jack dlc in general to start mayhem 10 early. The guns aren’t the best exactly, but an early mayhem corrosive cutsman/lob will dominate the loaders even in mayhem 10. Then as soon as you get some usable stuff, you can use them to take on the cartel mansion in mayhem 7-8, and an OPQ or Yellowcake will trivialize mayhem 10.

LMAO :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you for the laugh I needed that and have fun with less insanity.

On M10 I have rolled -
Speed Demon
Mob Mentlity
Chain Gang
Dazed and Infused

It’s not too stressful :wink:

OMG! only for the masochists out there. :crazy_face:
Or for those saying can we make it harder, well try that and tell me you had fun LOL.