I’m starting to hate the quick change machine

A bank for builds would be nice. Or maybe if we’ve leveled a toon to 50 we could “clone” them and save them with specific builds.

Or how about the ability to just remove points individually instead of a complete reset. I just spent 8 minutes and 5 million bucks (as if the money had any real use in endgame) because I wanted to go down to 4 points in mindfulness and get a little more health regen.

Seems like it shouldn’t be such a chore to change builds or fine tune them


The money thing kind of rapidly becomes a non-issue later in the game, but even during the story as long as you still have other things to buy you can just drain off cash on those needed SDUs and items first. Mildly annoying but you kind of need to buy them anyway so whatever.

What I do hate is having to redo the entire tree to move a couple of points to something else, or when I accidentally take an extra point in something and have to start over. You should be able to remove points from activated skills as long as it doesn’t block out something lower in the tree for a cost so they can be placed somewhere else. In practice this means having to jot down current skill allocations on paper or screenshot them in case you want to go back. Either way is clunky enough that it just ended up limiting the number of options I’ll bother to try out very heavily, and I think is part of what drives so many people to copy builds from youtube videos / other sources rather than mess around with the trees on their own. This is one of my only real complaints about the borderlands series TBH.


Every time I move points around I take three pics (must have 20 sets now at least) on my phone in case I don’t like the reallocation I can “quickly” reset to where I was. Quickly is in quotes because NOTHING ABOUT IT IS QUICK!

My issue is trying to remember to save quit after I respec or un equip my shield before I respec. The Topped of glitch some times makes me think a build I’m trying or better then it is.


If that could just be a feature of the game. With a save feature and a swap feature. Then the quick change would be quick!

All excellent points that I’d like to see in-game as well. Resetting every one of them to zero is just plain stupid and it makes it even more stupid since we can’t save builds. It seems game manufacturers never get it with regard to simple things like this, it’s almost as if nobody that dev’d BL3 has actually played a minute of the game!!!

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