I made a comprehensive damage calculator for Krieg

I made a comprehensive damage calculator for Krieg, including skills and gear. It’s not 100% finished but the all the important functionality is there. I haven’t child proofed it or added instruction, I don’t think you need them it’s designed to be intuitive. If you want to use it please make your own copy, if you have questions feel free to ask in this thread.

Link to the calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/195d3IIf5iLYA6BfmoNenyB3s5RLrumsSKeoP96Ij3wM/edit?usp=sharing

Edit: Here is a significantly improved version: Borderlands 2 Comprehensive DPS Calculator

Here are some resources for (mostly) accurate detailed weapon stats for inputs:


Will check this out later. :+1:

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