I made a mistake with my gear

Whoops. So I was deleting useless gear.

It was at that moment, I ■■■■■■ up.

I deleted a piece of gear that I needed and sadly forgot where I got it from.

is there anyway I could possibly get it back, I made a mistake.
If there isn’t a solution, no big deal. I’ll find a replacement since I rarely use the loadout. (Loadout is mainly used in story/operations, I don’t play them that much.)

You can find the source of the item from @lowlines web site - it’s a pretty nifty tool!

Use the drop-down menus on the Gear Search page to select type and rarity to narrow it down. If you remember any more details, that will help limit the number of pages you need to scroll through.

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Wow. Nifty indeed. Thank you, my friend. Off to the Old Sentinel to get the Vigilant Power Source!