I made a Thrall OC

That should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen me post at least two things, but I did it! I had to scale the image down to post it here, so if you want the full-sized picture go look at it on my tumblr and tell me what you think?

His name is Jasus c:


Let me fight it. I will put my blade in its back, a burst dash to the base of the brain. It shall present a challenge and I will be satisfied.

seriously it looks amazing. GBX we need new enemies like this in the story ops.

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Hey now, be nice! That’s my boy ;w; Thank you, but I think it’d be cool to have some thrall allies outside of pvp.

lol I forgot to read. If it is an ally I shall save my burst dashes for those things that are not. That one Ernest who decides lobbing grenades over a wall at my sentry is allowed. Or that Ambra who keeps their team at full health against my wishes. Or galilea.