I made my first borderlands 3 video... be gentle </3

Hey there! I’m new to Borderlands community, I fell in love in Borderlands 3 so much I decided I want to add something from me, even tho its nothing super-duper as many other members show, BUT I had a LOT of fun making it, took me over 2 weeks to complete the build and 4 days to actually edit it, and effect is 2/5, but hey… I did something! I hope you will enjoy it!
Any feedback AND critique will be super appreciated <3
Video editing, narration, and format-wise!

Edit: I forgot the link from all the excitement XD


You didn’t put a link to your video in your post

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Fixed it, thank you :flushed:

Nice thumbnail, I’ll watch later

Nice video! My only critiques are:

  1. Have confidence in yourself. Don’t go with a title like “Yet another”. Unless there is some underlying meaning I’m missing, use different terminology. I.E. Most fun Amara build! and then explain in the video you aren’t aiming for OP but for fun instead which I feel is why you chose this title.
    2.Nice gameplay and video quality. Your playstyle is a lot like my own and I enjoy watching it. This isn’t a strategic cover shooter. It’s run and gun and kaos and mayhem! Nice vid! How a Siren should be played.

Thanks! Thats very awesome feedback! Will take it to heart if I will get to making another one :smiley:


I assumed the “Yet Another” was vaguely self depreciation humor and a tad bit of satire on the whole of build videos in general :joy::joy::joy:

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Indeed it does. On YouTube all I see are “God builds”, “the best”, “one build you need” ect. :rofl:
Not much time to watch stuff so I wants sure if it will not infringe to much on other people contents, so I too save route here :v
Being manager in tattoo studio is 24/7h work, and wanting to play game and make co tent for them… Damn day has 10h to little for me xD

Your accuracy is terrifying! Love the use of mobility, great explanations and amazing gameplay.

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I assume it’s a good thing that it’s terrifying? :thinking::grin:
Thank you!

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Cool editing. And awesome gunplay, your aim is beastly.


All those comments makes me wanna make another one :smiley: furring recording for into I found Face Puncher with 300% damage anointment, it’s asking for it :smiley:

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I only got to watch a minute and a half, but no lie, best minute and a half of gameplay I’ve ever watched. Slowing the frames down to draw suspense on those crit deaths is phenomenal. This is exciting to watch.

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