I Made my first custom DLC!

I made a map and some weapons. im still working on adding more things so I update my content almost every day. Link to my content -----> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gpoFz_AYeJYbZAKcqLdYrQqqDdJMgSZu?usp=sharing
Note any legit pearl you get is 100% legit. i have not touched the pearl pool in any way what so ever.
If you have questions, let me know----> jlada14@gmail.com

Update I just moved cross country and out of my parents house and I have to get a new computer of my own before I get to work on it again (struggles of an 18 yr old). While I’m gone, someone is welcome to take over for me. Just email me directly so we can talk about the future of this mod pack. If anyone out there is interest please let me know. I’m sorry about how things are happening but be patient, I will return…

Includes map
Custom Weapons (I dont have screenshots of all of them)
Custom lancer skins
New bosses
new enimies
a bank
custom vending machine inventory
new combat areas
custom quests (I dont Have screenshots of all quests)

This gets updated almost every day so come back to see if an update is out

Big thanks to Mr_GJ For letting me look at some of his assets and learn from them. Thanks to him I was able to make some really cool skins.



Hey there. Great job on this. Glad to see you came through with posting this.

Just a few things:

  1. Don’t forget to leave credits where credits are due. I’ve noticed you’ve copy-pasta’d some code from my Arsenal into your .upk files. For example: the code for some animated weapon skins, the code similarities are too great to be a coincidence and after all these years… I know my work. So if you used resources which aren’t your own, leave credits. Even more so, ASK PERMISSION FIRST, its proper etiquette. (I’d like to point out that I have a ToS on my Arsenal that sorta forbids appropriation of code I made w/o permission so I’d like to you take these things out of your pack)

  2. As for synopsis. I took a look at your .upk files and I can see a whole truckload of definitions that are just taking space and serve no greater purpose. I suggest going through your work and look very critically if you really needed a “copy” of it in your definitions or if you could’ve just linked the standard GBX definition instead. There are also a lot of filler material that can just be tossed. For your own working efficiency, only keep what in necessary and ditch the rest.

  3. I also took a look at your map. Not bad for a first attempt. Pro tip: Ease on the use of Pathnodes, you can really do with A LOT less of them. Also makes it easier for NPC’s to navigate the world. Perhaps add some HybridNavigation area’s to improve local Ai behaviours.

I’d have to give your stuff a longer look and a whirl in-game before I can give your more feedback, this was just feedback on a glance. Hope it helps and makes you aware of the fact that you need to ask permission before you start taking others’ hard work for your own.

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I will take out the things out of my pack, I would also like to ask if you could help me a little? the whole reason iv made this was because you and HJB inspired me to do something for the community. I have figured out basically everything involving the editor on my own. their isn’t much online about this editor. based on my previous game engine experience iv just put 2 and 2 together. Now some info involving some things in your pack, I have not copy and pasted anything from your pack, I just looked at how you had things set up and did a test on my own to see if i could get similar results. How ever I will still get rid of them. Some things relating in work have poped up and I don’t think I will be able to work on this as much as I was previously able to. I give you full permission to add anything you want to the pack if you want, i know you retired the bl1 content creation but if you want to add anything just let me know. If you could help me figure things out that I couldn’t figure out like how the hell did you manage to get animated skins to work? Iv tried literally everything, even looking at how you got it to work and I still couldn’t get it to work. Like damn My respect for you went up like 1000%. Same with the salt racer. I tried to put it into the car station but every time I spawned it in My character just T modeled over top and the car barley moved. Like damn dude I literally messed with it for like 5 hours. But anyways, Thank you for looking at my work, I really appreciate it. If your interested in helping me let me know. I don’t know if I am going to do much more with it any time soon but If you would like to help, let me know. It would be a great honor to work with you.

Iv taken out your things you asked me to. If you find anything else you would like me to take out let me know. (My intent was not to steal your work it was to learn about how you did it. I’m trying to learn as much about this editor as I can so I can make better content. I hope some day my content will be as good as yours.)

Do I have a YouTube channel?

Its quite alright m8. I’m not gonna go after you or anything. It’d just be nice if you mention it when you put things up which aren’t OG yours. Also I haven’t retired content creation, in fact I’m still very much active in it. Me and my friend @SleepMaster are still very busy with the 5th DLC.

Its just that such work takes time. I’m also on the verge of updating my Arsenal with a hotfix, its just that I need to find a quiet place where I can do some serious VA work for my Myriad.

The animated skins were shown to me by Dopefiend and Sleepmaster. I just took it to the next level after they showed me what to look for. I’ve since developed new and better methods, however I still credit them for at least showing me that ‘it can be done.’

Not sure if I want to touch your work, I mean its your thing and you probably have a vision for it. I’d just screw it up. Besides the 5th DLC has my full attention during the times that I, can, work on it.

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Dude that’s awesome,. I thought you were done with content for some reason, I can’t wait to see dlc 5. Btw this is jlada14, I can’t log in to my other account because I accidentally used the wrong email when I made the account at like 5 am, and now I can’t sign in. Fantastic right. Well anyways thanks for being cool with the fact that I looked at your stuff and i did not say anything about it. I meant to take them out but they weren’t in use and their was a bug involving spawns that caught my attention and I forgot. Thanks for not trying to take me down. Have you had a chance to look at it in game? I figured out how to make quests with a bounty board and I’m really proud of it. My quests descriptions are pretty funny. (Or at least me at 3 am while I was writing it though it was funny) I plan on voicing the retired lance. That’s later on down the road. I’m on the steam version of the editor… I want to die. Thing crashes every time I try to do anything. I’m going to try to get the retail version soon. It’s amazing I got this far without any node icons. Making dens was hell. Anyways I want to ask you something real quick, I couldn’t figure it out but is it possible to make the eye of the destroyer into a firing definition? I noticed you got it on that sick looking green machine pistol that does random things. But I was thinking a sniper rifle called eye of the destroyer as a boss drop that shot the beam. I’ll figure it out I just need to know if it’s possible. Anyways thank you for the help and advice on the map. Next map will be better :slight_smile:

Ya it’s thecancersouls1230, it’s just dark souls for the most part, not much borderlands

Will there be. new bosses and enemies coming in the doc if there is will u send some screenshots please

Their isn’t much, but their is a screen shot of one boss and the only custom enemie at the moment. I have already made more just haven’t implemented them yet. There are 3 bosses. Big ass skag, dragon, and commander decks. The custom enemie is the lance chemical sniper.

Hey, I was wondering if I could take a look at your pack and see how you make Shields and grenade mods? I feel bad about not asking last time so I am going to make it right this time by asking. I won’t directly copy anything and call it my own because that is not how I roll. I’m all about honest work.

Do I have any custom shields grenades or class mods yet?

Not yet, grandparents are stopping by from out of town and I haven’t worked on it yet. I’m going to try to push an update probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll add enemies and attempt making grenades and all that stuff. Just stick around for more information on what I’m adding. Also there are patch notes in my pack. Just take a look at them to see what is new :slight_smile:

I’d suggest looking at how GBX did grenades and shields to see how it works. :thinking:

I’ll have to take a look. Idk if I’ll be able to work on it for a while though, my grandparents just came from out of town and I’m trying to move out of my parents place, they just offered to take me with them tomorrow. So it will be a little bit before I get a computer of my own. The struggles of an 18 yr old these days am I right?!!

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The first weapon I found is that soviet AR, and I like it (the music, the built-in orc effect)! Actually I bought it from a vendor (do they always have a pearl/lenegrady as an item of the day?)
And a note: if you picked up that special money quest, and you don’t finish it before quitting, it will reset, and you have to gather all the money again when you re-enter the game.

The vending machine rarely has a custom gun in it, I’m aware of the money quest however I literally just moved out of my parents house and don’t have access to the computer anymore. (You may ask why not just go to my parents house but I drove across country and moved from Washington to Tennessee.) So I am currently not able to work on it. When I get a new computer I will continue to work on it. I’m glad you enjoyed it!! It took me so long to get it into a playable state. Anyways, if you find bugs, if you want, make a list of them and send it to me via email and I will look into them when I get a computer. I don’t think many people have played my dlc and it’s always good to get some feedback. Thanks for playing my dlc!!

I’m lucky then, because I found 2 nipple twisters (luckily it did not crash my game, however I use a ~8 years old computer).
No problems man!
Also: when I’m in the crimson base, sometimes a voice tells “money shot”. Is that mean that the shotgun is nearby, or somebody’s using it?

I’m not sure what that is, I couldn’t figure that out. It could be that someone is using it. Idk