I may have asked this before, but

First off, I had a stroke in 2011 and am brain-damaged.
Also, since I am a Linux guy since 1995, I bought a PS4 Pro just so I could BL3

OK, this is probably PS4 specific.

I bought the Super Deluxe Edition of BL3, I have actually used it to download other DLCs, but with this third DLC, I am drawing a blank.

{bad-word} brain damage is a bummer!

About a week ago, I was actually able to enter the “secret code”, but was NOT able to download “Bounty of Blood”, couldn’t see it on the PS Store option, but I could see it (in red) and said it wasn’t downloaded.

So… here are my questions:

1: How do I enter the {bad-word} “secret code”… because I can’t do it now?

2: How do I download “Bounty of Blood”, since I can’t see it ANYWHERE I look?

Thank you for any assistance, and have a good game!

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Go to PSStore and type “Bounty of Blood” in search. You should be able to download it there. For some reason this dlc isn’t showing with the rest.

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try going diectly to PS store (not in-game). manually search bounty of blood and since you got super deluxe you can download it for free.


Thank you GrzesPL and nat_zero_six

OK, it is downloading RIGHT NOW… it seems to me that it may take a hour to download… WHY???

Ahhh… whatever.

Yet again, Thank you all!

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