I May have Found a Decent Counter to Anointed Militiants

I was fighting some Anointed Militants and found a good way to bypass their shields… Atlas Weapons. By shooting it in the head with a tracking device, all of your shots will bypass their normally broken shields, and hit it 100% of the time. Then you can focus on just running away from their fire attacks and not have to worry about damaging them. This also makes it easier to deal with their teleporting, as all you have to do to keep running. Unless I overlooked some critical flaw in this, I have no trouble in taking them down now. Hopefully, this information was helpful to at least one person.

I don’t think the problem with those militants is necassarily the shield, it’s the immunity phase, and the fact that they engage in that phase over and over and over, making the TTK 100% longer each time. It’s ridiculous that we have a mob with an immunity phase, should be gotten rid of altogether imo


Yeah, the immunity phase is garbage. The shield was an annoyance for a lot of people though, and I guess it helps a little. For the immunity phase, I recommend phase grasping, if you are a siren. If not a siren, than Mozes claw grab works too.

Anything other than that, and you are screwed. Maybe always carry a fire immunity shield on you just for the occasion?

there’s no such thing as a fire immunity shield in this game

My bad,High fire resistance shield.

The shield isn’t hard to get past, there’s a hundred different ways. What’s hard is for people to find ways to melt them behind that shield that fits their play style. The better you are at that the less immune phases you have to push through.
Look at the devil’s foursome, that weapon and a few others are specifically made to bypass shields, but very unpractical weapons in any other circumstance.

Thats true. I just thought that what I found was useful. Either way, I definitely think that these enemies must be nerfed or changed in some way.

What this game needs is a gun that shoots through immunity. lol

The Imshootity. A legendary weapon that passes through immune states!

I heard you can go to the kitchen and make a sandwich while you mash the trigger if you do that.
Ive actually got an atlas Q system or what ever those rifles are called with the puck and 2 bullets at once at 860 each I think, with the bonus per kill anointment. Pretty fun but not my style of you’re PS4 and want it let me know.

Thanks! What level is it? Ill trade for it.

I think it’s 50, once I get home I’ll get you all the stats.
Psn is megadethwm

My psn is MommyBammy. I do not have much, but do you have any legendaries you are on the look out for?

It’s actually the siren 20% rad anointment but it you still want it I’ll send it to you.

It’s also one of the few good uses for the Jericho. Another use for it is to put down the annoying fakegrasping-speedmaras…or any annoying player for that matter.


I will still take it, if you do not want it. Do you want anything?

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I’ve still got gear I need to put to use.
I’m working on a Zane with gear I got while raiding and farming for rakk pak, annointed gear just built up and I noticed the build.

Sent a friend request.

thanks, I will accept it when I get home.

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