I messed up with shift codes, need help please. I want my skins & heads back

I redeemed many shift codes (including golden keys but they don’t matter to me) for both games for skins & heads they are still listed as redeemed BUT I deleted my entire save on PS4, though it is listed as redeemed, I don’t have those skins and heads anymore (keys are gone too). Could you do something Gearbox?

Did you try creating a second character? The BAR stats, skins, heads, keys, and some other stuff is all kept in a separate file (“Profile data” or something like that) separate from the individual character/game saves, so any new character should have access to whatever was unlocked by the first. If you trashed the entire folder, though, you may be out of luck (unless support.gearboxsoftware.com can help.)

The entire folder.


Contact the Support Desk at Gearbox for help.

I’ve not seen an issue quite like this one in the past, but I have seen ones like it fixed.