I miss being able to use the d-pad to switch guns

As the topic says, I miss being able to switch to which ever gun I wanted rather than having to flick between all 4, I understand that the d-pad is now used for other functions but is there no way to bring this back?

go to your control options and change the button scheme to classic


I didn’t even think of looking! Thank you!!!

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I haven’t even bothered to try this, I just grew accustomed to the new scheme and learned how many times to click triangle. Muscle memory doesn’t do much on co-op though where lag can mean a triple click switches to my next weapon lol.

I think I’ll set the D-Pad up with three weapons but keep the ping. I like the ping.

I haven’t tested this yet, but if you go back to BL2 control layout, does that mean you lose the ability to switch gun modes?

Nope, you then have to hold down the triangle key (on ps4) to switch modes

You only lose the ability to quick ping. You can still ping, just have to go into the emote wheel.

Figured this out first day haha. I hated the new system! I need my elemental guns NOW and can’t afford the extra second or two to sift through to find it. I don’t know how anyone plays with the new controller setup but to each their own I suppose.