I miss BL2 menus & class mods

And while I can always go back to it, I wish BL3 had similar menus and more inspired class mods.

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The legendary COMs in BL3 actually having new unique effects is a nice upgrade, I think.

BL3 COMs don’t give as many points as the BL2 ones, though, because of how BL3 lets you use skills that gain points from COMs without speccing into them. A BL2-style legendary COM that gave +5 points to five or six different skills would be incredibly broken in this game.

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I totally agree about the ui and menus. Bl2 was better. Have yet to see a legendary com so cant really give an opinion on that. So far the purples i get arent to bad. I like that they can boost skill you havent invested in.

I agree with the menu, its probably a reson why its so laggy too.

Neither of the UIs is very good. BL2 just had a couple extra sorting options, which didn’t bug out in the bank, and it didn’t inexplicably lag. Otherwise it’s basically the same

(Btw you can compare guns in your inventory in BL3 by just clicking on one and highlighting the other. Press Esc or whatever it is on console to back out.)

I really wish there was an incentive to picking up blue coms instead of only purple/legendary coms. In 2, blue coms were some of the best in the game because they let you really focus a build. But purples and legendaries were still great too. Now it seems like unless it’s purple I just ignore it.