I miss Gearchat Wars!

Gearchat Wars III

Just feeling nostalgic going back and reading through some of the epic battles from days long gone. Those were some fun comps over long weekends. The thrill of finding one of the objectives >> anything since in BL2 or BLTPS.

Team RiOT forever! :smile:


Great times for sure. Excellent farming competitions, and lots of good people. Definitely some of the most fun I had playing BL1 (or any game, for that matter). :thumbsup:

Would be fun to do a scavenger hunt someday.


For that to happen in TPS, we kind of need (or just really badly want) respawnable bosses


Team RiOT forever!


Team Terra forever! :smiley:

Had to do that to ya, Tante. :smile:

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Nice to see you Goober!

Went back and started playing BL1 again the other day with a new Brick run. Good times. I love that game.

I would totally be in for a new gearchat war in the future.
Made already fun farming even funnier.

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Ditto! I would love to get into a good Gearchat match. Two weeks would be great to give everyone a chance to contribute.

loved it as well! Team Panic FTW!!

to make something like that happen in BL2 or BL TPS, you would definitely Need the price change upon picking up a gun.

hello friends.

If BL1 is ever re-released for the current gen consoles (assuming GB doesn’t mess with it) I promise I will resurrect GCWs.

they should ‘re-release’ the old forums to… i can’t stand this fkn new one.

team panic ftmfwwwww


I don’t even remember which team I was on lol.

I can’t believe they didn’t archive anything. There are a lot of good resource threads that are just gone. It’s such a waste.

Yeah I am quite angry with gearbox for this reason.

well I did make a promise… :wink:



He has returned!

Also hi man. How ya been?

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Is this the true panic, or the imposter? I notice the name is different above…

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Well, holy buckets and all of that. Been years since I visited this place, and then out of the blue get the notification that panic’s back, and we may have a new GCW in the future. I’m in…


Well they are both me actually. In 2014 after the forums changed I thought I had lost my name (cause it said “panic” was taken when making an account) Today I couldn’t find login I used to create “panic_” so I randomly tried an old email for Shift login along with my original forum password - and to my suprise it actually worked. I guess my Shift account from BL2 got linked to my old xbox360 name which somehow reserved “panic” without me knowing?! I have no idea lol.


Stouty :smiley: hey dude what’s up! It has been a long time indeed. It’s nice to see you have been the keeper of the Gearchat topic over the years, and that it was in good hands.

I have been good, I play a lot of Path of Exile these days, but with the announcement of Borderlands 3 and the (finally) updated release of Borderlands 1 I hope it’ll bring a lot of the veterans back.


Hey markdl, good to see back! I will definitely be leveling a new character tomorrow on my ps4. Does anyone know if they actually “fixed” anything from the original game? I hear PC got a free update, but not sure where console release stands. I would actually like to get a proper legendary Draco for once among other things haha.


You and me both, for sure. It’s been ages since I played BL1, so I fired it up tonight to see how it was before the remaster hits tomorrow. God, I’m rusty at this game. lol

But, it’ll be fun to level up a new character and see how the game plays with some new polish on it.

Oh, and can’t believe I still have this in my pictures folder…