I miss Handsome Jack

This probably has been posted before, but I miss handsome Jack. He was such a fun villain with style and a very nice voice actor. His story in the pre-seque made him very relatable (imo) and to this day, I feel that he was deeply betrayed. I miss him calling me kiddo, or shouting Corrosive!

Do you miss Handsome Jack?

I miss him as well. Easily one of the top 5 villains of all time.


You’d only miss him if you stopped playing the games :wink:


I miss him in the bl3 bro that’s what I mean. And I’m playing bl3 atm.

Honestly I was happy for the “interruption” in BL3, if you can really call it that with all the references in game plus the DLC that is still basically jacktastic. I feel like GBX started relying overly on the character after the big burst of popularity from BL2. After Jack died he got a pre-sequel documenting his early life, a telltale game in which he plays a major role, at least 3 DLC titles that focus on him, his actions, or situations he engineered, and a character class that was mostly just “Play Jack, but a weenie.”

It’s not that I dislike the character, but there for a while it really felt like whenever GBX had a weak quarter or needed to add some “spice” to any portion of the BL ladder, the answer was “eh, somebody write something for Damien and throw Jack in.”

Before I truly “miss” him, I’d need to see a full game that doesn’t try to throw back to him in some way. I love the character, but I’m a little jacked off at this point.

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Not really. I didn’t delete BL2 or TPS so I can get my dose whenever nostalgia may hit.

Ars has a point there. Jack is the best villain the series has to offer and the current Vault Hunters vs. two annoying if weirdly omniscient YT streamers situation is a steep decline. As villains, the pair of Eleanor and Vincent as well as Butcher Rose are more agreeable (to me, that is). Pretty Boy on the other hand stays so pale that he’s simply buried under all the references in Jackpot.

As stated, Jack is the best villain of the series, but he shouldn’t stay the only good non-DLC one GBX has to offer.

But satisfied with your handwork, I presume.


I suppose if I have to play along…

If nothing else it once again highlights the sharp drop in voice acting and writing.
BL1 was lightning in a bottle.
BL2 was more lightning in a bottle.
TPS was…a train wreck, but we’ll blame Aus. However, Jack was there to save the audio part of the game.
Lilith DLC was the first hint of GBX’s waning command of humour.
BL3, while not being TPS train wreck, has that in spades.

I don’t miss Jack in BL3. I miss the outstanding v/a work and wicked writing of yore. Which could well include Jack.