I miss hex shaped kill skills

I was looking through vids of people going through all the skills of all the characters and I found I really missed being able to easily pinpoint kill skills by their hex shape. In fact, many of the skills are labeled passive and then say kill skill in the description so it is even harder to find. I wish they were better illustrated as kill skills, maybe a skull in a corner or something. The hex is being used for action skills and chevron and diamonds for augments/elements. Maybe if the slanted edge were on the other side of the squares of the skills.

I just want to find the kill skills easily and there is no way to do that at this moment. Maybe future builds will change this? I hope so.

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The thing is probably that there’s no good methodology for it, because each character has different activation methods. Amara has like, no kill skills, but some that trigger after action skill use. Zane has a kill skill that is also a passive. There’s so much more going on that to devote a whole nother symbol to it would be messy.

Couple that with the fact that BL2 probably had them separate because they had to code them very differently, and it probably made it easier for them, and now they super intricately built these skills and don’t need that separation on their end.

Also, probably don’t want you just going “That’s a kill skill”. Though idk why you would. But eh.

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I was today years old when I found this out…
Over 1000 hrs…

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@Imit8m3 Glad we had a teaching moment :slight_smile:

@sammantixbb No, you are absolutely correct. Not only skills that proc after action skill initiation but shield breaks, elemental damage, etc. Kill skills do seem rather special though. I tend to prioritize those when playing solo versus coop and less for boss fights. It just means I have to read a bit more and I am sure it will come more easily once we become more familiar with all the skills. I remember some developer commenting on making BL2 that is so great to see all those kill skill hexes coming up on your skill bar. Can’t find that interview but it is something I look forward to come September in BL3