I miss Scooter, and wish that TFTB was non-canon

Ellie is great, but losing him for the sake of a Telltale game getting an entry in this series of looter shooters just sucks.

Did the VA get on Randy’s bad side or something? Even having watched the scene on youtube, I can’t help but wonder; who the hell is this character that we’re literally trading Scooter for?

Tftbl was great, I know it wasn’t a looter shooter but I hate people who act like that makes it inferior… had a better story than any of the bl games ever did. It’s sad that Scooter died, but I think his death was well handled, unlike… some characters.

Personally I would have liked to see Janey step up in bl3. Seems to me like she’d know more about space than Ellie would, coming from Elpis and all (and helping to build a rocket), and she spent some time working with Scooter. Ellie could still handle things on Pandora though, I wouldn’t want her to disappear. (Maybe I just really wish we could have seen Athena and Janey).


I’ve seen a lot of people say the voice actor retired due to a serious medical condition and that Scooter’s demise was a way of retiring the character as well. It definitely rubbed me the wrong way at the time, but I think the writers of TftB were just trying to make the best out of a bad situation. As much as I miss Scooter, I would hate to have him poorly imitated (and written) in future installments.


TFTB is a great game and it perfectly deserves its place in the franchise as it captured BL spirit perfectly. Story wise it is way better than bl3 and don’t even start me on how are handled characters deaths.


The VA has health issues, which I’d assume is the reason why they killed off the character.

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Alright, I didn’t know about the VA’s health. While unfortunate, that is a fair enough reason. I honestly thought it was just for drama, like with the ones in this game.

Thank you for enlightening me.


To be honest, the fact that he dies because of a completely non-sensical system where a button is located behind a plate that will crush / jam your arm every couple of seconds has always been one of the sore points of Tales for me. Who the hell designed that rocket?

The reason how he ends up in the predicament he was in was IMO way more stupid than how Maya ends up in hers. The scene around it is very good and I don’t want to trashtalk it too much, unlike the scene and aftermath of the… other character which is just cringeworthy bad.

Agreed, although this does seem to be a pretty standard B-movie sci-fi trope. Which was brilliantly sent up in Galaxy Quest during the bit where they had to shut down the self-destruct system.

Just to add that the VA Mikey Neumann (also writer on Bia and BL) was seriously ill. He has a blog post about the whole experience somewhere.

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Scooter was awesome. I hate Ellie with a passion, wish they’d kill her off next.

Yeah, I’ll totally grant you it was a bit of a dumb situation to end up in… but I did like how they made it a sacrifice Scooter was willing to make, and he got a good send off… not to mention, we spent time with him before hand, so it’s not like it was a character we didn’t get a chance to know properly before they bit the bullet.

Overall Scooter’s death felt far more emotional to me than Maya, who just kind of… shows up in the story and then disintegrates soon after, in an attempt at high stakes that does nothing but anger the player. But you already seem to get where I’m coming from.

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I don’t think I’m alone in itching to see even small cameos from various NPCs from former franchises. Even just those few Echo recordings from Krieg were wonderful, and I’d love to see Janey hand out a mission and/or drop some Echoes. Mr. Blake, Mal, Felicity, Motor Momma… frankly I wouldn’t say no to any of them if they were included tactfully.


Yeah, where’s Mr. Blake? And where’s Fiona? And Captain Scarlet? And Fiona? And Sasha? And Fiona? And Axton? And…

(I think you get the picture!)


One of the biggest mysteries in BL3 is - where are Janey and Athena? Same goes for Axton, Sal, Sasha, Fiona, etc., but my biggest question is about Janey and Athena. I kind of figured they would take over the Catch A Rides as well.

EDIT: I didn’t read all the way to the bottom and @VaultHunter101 ninja’d me. LOL


I loved Tales. That moment was a really good and impactful one in my book. It made the game feel like a solid part of the franchise… then BL3 came along and that seems to be the only thing that stuck lore-wise from the game.


I figured it was an offshoot, so i never bought it, now that you can’t buy it, I have no clue as to what or how scooter kicked it.

kinda sucks like that.

You can look it up on YT, there are several breakdowns of TFTBL that hit the highlights. You won’t get every detail but you can at least fill in a few gaps between BL2 and BL3.

I think the Hyperion mails you get for 100 kills are signed by Blake as the headmanager of that branch.


I will not stand for Tales slander sir! Leaving Fiona and Sasha as loose threads is BL3’s biggest disappointment in my eyes.

I’ve heard some…rumours regarding the availability of Tales. Stay tuned, maybe?

I found a hard copy of Tales for Xbox on eBay a little while back. Had to play it before bl3 dropped.

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I think there are a few hard copies around, but if not you could honestly just look up a playthrough (so long as it’s someone who chooses the right kind of things). It’s more for the story than any gameplay, and perfectly enjoyable to watch.

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