I miss the Loot the Universe and Coop Events

I wish loot the universe was just always running. The weeks when these events were running, and Cartels simultaneously, were the most fun I’ve ever had in BL3. Its really nice to be able to target your farm and say “I’m gonna try to get a better class mod today”, and when you loaded into these zones with a few buddies and the cartel badasses were warping in constantly it was just so crazy.


I agree 100%
Loot the Universe + Cartel should be permanent


Not a fan of loot the universe (for me loot isn’t as big of an incentive to play this game as it has to be)

Cartel was actually a fun addition to the game. Loved the additional spawns and also loved the map. But i would quickly grow bored with it.

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I just find myself wanting to get a new Bear Trooper mod right now, and there is just no meaningful way to farm it. Even for things with a dedicated drop, I find it a lot more fun to just blast a room packed with badasses constantly warping in like crazy than to just run a single boss on repeat for an hour. Even if I wanted a specific mod, it was still fun to find other ones while doing it.

So really, I agree with you, events that are just about loot quickly get old, but an event that is simply fun (and I think having tons of random badasses appear in your fights is fun) has more staying power.


The beauty of the events is that you can toggle them off if you are done with them.

S’why I don’t see the harm in making it permanent. Those that want to play the Cartel event have it turned on and those that don’t turn it off.

Also Loot the Universe is great for those of us that are targetting a specific item and would like the most chances at it as possible. It also incentivizes people to explore maps they usually don’t explore. I had to do a lot of Carnivora last event and I ended up really getting to know and liking the map when I previously never went there.


100% agree. Loot the universe should be a permanent thing. Would also help a bit if they respawned enemies in certain areas. I’m looking at you Atlas HQ…

The Cartel event will be back and I’m sure they will add it in as an option once they’re done with all of the event cycles and move on to another game.


True :wink: but I didn’t see why the cartel was an event :joy:

It could as well be an other raid hehe

I played nothing but that map when it was out haha. That’s why I said it would get boring fast. The game lacks this kind of fun content.

Played DlC4 1 time… Why? I hate doing the game over yet again (especially the Pandora part) if we could reset DLC I would probably squeeze out some more playtime out of the game

Yeah, that was another reason I liked Loot the Universe. I got to go play in areas that I otherwise wouldn’t (the bottom of the elevator in Carnivora was insanity in 4p coop). As cool as it is to kill Traunt 500 times, having a reason to explore zones was better.
Anything that gives us a compelling reason to explore multiple zones is a good thing.


Agree with you there haha :innocent:

I just did it for the mobs haha :yum:

I wish there was more incentive to farm though :pensive: I allready have everything I want and then some (all lvl 65 thanks to the over generous drops)

Oh well, I’ll probably just go back to BL2 or D3

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This is why we need more slaughter shafts and the rewards for those slaughter shafts should change periodically.

Maybe one week you have a high chance of getting class mods from one of the slaughter shafts. Maybe the following week, its artifacts, etc


One DLC themed slaughter for every DLC would be top notch.


Loot the universe should be permanent, they could set an automated algorithm to assign certain type of loot to areas every week, so we would have any excuse to go into zones we rarely visit and have a little variety.

When they first rolled them out and it wasn’t optional, it was a good design to have it be seasonal. Now that it’s optional, I agree they should remove the seasonal bit. As we sit here, there are only two (Cartels and Bloody Harvest)… would be wonderful to turn them both on at the same time for the map adds, even if I didn’t otherwise have an interest in visiting those specific areas.

On topic, I do hope they run another Loot Hunt promotion like BL2. Even if they didn’t back it with a big prize (not sure what the ROI on that promotion was), it was incredibly fun.

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