I miss the Pimpernel

Hello. Who else misses the Pimpernel and Etech guns? Should there be a DLC that brings them back?

No. They’ve put so much work into not having extremely overpowered gear, putting the pimp in would destroy all those efforts.

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What’s wrong with extremely OP gear? Isn’t Borderlands about crazy guns? The Pimpernel was really fun, crazy gun.

Like I said, because they tried to avoid extremely overpowered gear in this game. In BL2 they had to base UVHM and OP levels around the assumption that people were using overpowered gear. They’ve tried to avoid that in this game.

Well, IMHO, the Pimp is only “extremely overpowered” in Sal’s hands – with the [empty] rocket launcher + Pimp + Gunzerking glitch. Zero + Bore + Pimp is powerful but, not extremely so – just a strength of the character. Yeah, I’d like to see the Pimpernel in TPS!

Well, according to Chuck80 and others on this site, the pimp is the single highest damage per shot gun in all of BL2. So yes, it is extremely powerful.


You know what I miss? My Double Anarchy, Combustion Hellfire and Pestilent Defiler.



Oh my god man.

Me too!

Double Anarchy, Combustion Hellfire, Fatal Crux, Ogre and Serpens.

My main dealers of death.

Borderland 1 had the BEST guns.

They may not have been as flashy but they sure could KILL.

Ok, guys - Pimpernel or Bessie?

Which is more powerful?


Amen to that.

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yeah me too

A Cryo Pimp would be sweet!

The E-Tech guns are ok; other than the Plasmacasters, which are excellent. I wonder how an E-Tech laser would work…

I wasn’t much of a fan of Etech guns, save maybe the RLs. High ammo consumption and weak critical performance? Yeah, NO!

Pimpernel? OP with Maya, I can say. Many one-shot kills out there with her, and 11/5 in Chain Reaction. I can imagine the insanity of a Pimp with Zer0’s B0re skill.

Try it in TPS. What vault hunters would use it best in TPS, and how so?


Do you guys think the Pimpernel is more powerful than the Bessie from BL1?

Not comparable. The scaling difference between BL1 and BL2 is too drastic to make a comparison.

That was literally an instant response!



Lasers seem close enoygh to E-tech guns for my taste.

There is a gun in BL2 called the Hawkeye that has a 500% crit bonus, but it has a significantly lowered base damage. It doesn’t do very well.

Pimpernell by a long shot

I miss my Ogre… :frowning: That and ARs that don’t suck! :angry:

Yeah, the Major Tom and Explosives Torques (yeah, im deliberately spelling it with a Q now LOL) are the only ARs i use, and not all that often at that!