I miss you Boldur!

Wait for me, im coming for you! You’re the greatest and dont let anyone tell you otherwise ><


oh your gonna have fun with his mission XD

when you do boldur’s mission with a thorne playing as boldur xD so many charges haha

Boldur kept calling Mellka “little oak”. Little oak is thorn, not mellka. YOUR LORE IS WRONG AGAIN JYTHRI!


Still trying to unlock mine >.> life is sad without him. At least I have Toby to bide my time!

Same problem.

It may be a term of affection he use for anyone Eldrid younger than himself, that would be my first guess. I could be the term he uses for the Elven race of Eldrid or even female elves, but that would be kinda weird. I’m betting on it’s an age thing.