I must be the unluckiest person who ever bought Battleborn

Hello people
Im really really pissed.I bought the game tonight before any talks about f2p or whatever.I just didnt know it.I just wanted to test and play the game.
Now its f2p and i dont even have founder status.I bought it at the wrong time.
Unbelieveable !!!

But now you have the full game, which is much better. Or get a refund?


Sry that im not pleased and happy about that.I feel cheated and i cant get a refund.Why they couldnt say it earlier before doing it then i hadnt buy it.Its clearly money flush down the toilet now.
I mean seriously its the thrid time from this company.I bought aliens colonial marines.I couldnt even finish it so bad the game was.Then duke nukem forever.Bad game.And now this…

this game rocks though!!!


There’s this funny little thing called a non-disclosure agreement.

Short version: The devs were legally bound not to say anything about certain updates and features to the game. Otherwise, they could be terminated and possibly even blacklisted.


That is some terrible, terrible timing, but it was going to happen to somebody. Sorry you drew the Short straw, bud. Hope you enjoy the game, anyway.

The new model isn’t entirely free
With the full retail game you have access to all the heroes and the full story mode

I’m not sure how much you spent but if you spent around $20-$30 then I think you got your money’s worth


There were a ton of hints pointing towards this recently. Randy Pitchford mentioned last year (I think? Early this year?) that the game will get a free to play trial.

And when it comes to games you buy and end up disliking, it’s easier to avoid that happening by checking reviews and gameplay videos before spending money.

Sorry you feel shafted though. Battleborn is an amazing game and I hope you try it, no reason not to since you already have it. And I really think owning the full game is worth it, this games biggest asset is it’s unique character roster and now you have all of them out of the box. (Well, almost all of them if you are missing the season pass)

Good luck defeating Rendain and saving Solus if you do decide to play it despite this. See you in battle! :slight_smile:

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You do realise that only a certain subset of the full game is F2P, right? Not so much consolation particularly if you decide the game’s not for you, but now you get to try out more than just the PvP component. Also, if you bought on Steam you can still ask for a refund, correct?

But seriously guys how would you feel now?
Imagine you were in my spot.

I paid 70€ for the game and two weeks later it went like 75% off. Happens.


As @reliikki I spend about 85€ for it (thats 95$ !!!). 2 weeks later the price was dropped about the half, now it´s 4€ up to 35€ depending on console and version.
Many in these Forums have similar experiences, since alot here Pre-Ordered the game at full price.

Of course I understand your point, especially since you weren´t as pleased as you thought.
If you truly dislike BB you should try to get a refund from the store/retailer were you bought your game and maybe hop on to the Free-Trial Version later when you feel like it.


Yeah I paid ~$80 on release. Well worth the money. There are always unlucky people that buy it moments before a sale; if you like the game, you’ll get over it.


Hey, I’ve been there myself. Not in Battleborn, but other games.

I play Paladins sometimes, right? I bought a skin for a character at standard price since I figured that it would never go on sale anytime soon. Lo and behold, about 2 days later, it was on sale for 40% off I think it was. Like @reliikki said, it happens. What happens next is up to you.

The game is not on sale.It went freaking f2p!

You’re kinda missing the point. We’re telling you that we feel your pain. Sure, not quite to the extent of yours, but you’re not alone in this.

Same here. Paid full price at release and what was it? 6 weeks? 8 weeks later? Deep discount. BUT, it never changed the fact that this is a really fun game once you get past the learning curve.
Stick it out; you’ll thank yourself later for it.

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No, it did NOT go F2P.

They launched a free trial version of PART of the game only. To get the full experience, players will still need to pay to upgrade to the full version that you bought. Take a look at the YT video with lead developer Randy Varnell that explains the Free Trial version, and compare it with what you have access to, and you’ll realise just how much more game you have.


Trust me i understand you because same happend to me trillion times with other games but that with f2p never happend to me.
Anyway its difficult to get any motivation after that to play the game.

No, it did not go full F2P. It is a Free Trial version.

With this Trial Version you have:

  • very limited character choice (6 per week to choose from. Original cast is 30 characters)

  • only PvP (No access to DLC-Operations or the 8 Story Missions. Which means you cannot farm gear so easily)

  • No achievements, titles, console-bound trophies

And several other things are missing. To get the full game you´ve to pay 30$. Plus 20$ for the DLCs.

Ninjad by @VaultHunter101 :heart:

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