I must say GBX....wow!

By far you guys have been the fastest company I have ever seen in dealing with patches and updates. You guys have really been sticking to what you say, I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! You have no idea how long I’ve waited for a company to do that. You really do listen to your fan base and I must thank you for that. I hope this not getting repetitive…but man you guys be on it!


Although I hate the majority of the nerfs they have made, and think that they shouldn’t have dove headfirst into 15-18% nerfs, and hate the fact that un-nerfing probably isn’t in the cards, ever…

Um, what was I saying…? Oh, yeah; they do patch fast.

Your Awesome tha_shogun_12.


What patch or update does this pertain to exactly? Or has there been updates so far that I’m not aware of?

I’m also not entirely sure if consoles are getting the same treatment.

Patches are released for all platforms at the same time.

I’ll throw my hat in on this one.

I’m still a little pissed about Alani, but you guys are very good about patches AND you guys respond to the community via twitter/these forums.

I think Gearbox is my favorite developer at the moment. Very high quality games, and a good sense of humor to them too. Keep it up!

There was the Day 1 Update for all systems, the weekly hotfixes for all systems, and the recent update for all systems. It’s been a busy time!

Still pretty PO’d about dropping 80$ on a game, getting locked out of content, and then seeing people within a month get it for 40$ and have access.

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Uh, it took weeks for them to release the first patch and there are still many issues to be fixed.

What @Krollbar said sums up how I feel. It doesn’t matter how fast they patch if it’s ham-fisted and harmful to the community.

You could do a patch a day, kill a group’s favourite character in PvE with onomatopoeia fuelled overbalancing, and lose that group as players. I’m actually glad that they aren’t patching faster than this, or it’d be catastrophic.

I’m seriously concerned by how they handle balancing. Ham-fisted nerfs might be great for balancing teams and looking at numbers, but it’s bad for a community who really need to be eased into changes. They’re only looking at the numbers, not how the changes are actually affecting the community.

And I will say, again, that if they separated PvP and PvE balancing, we’d have less issues.

But, uh, yeah… they patch fast!

The thing is? I love to praise Gearbox. I remember recently making two absolutely giant posts where I went on and on about the characters and why they’re great, and just how I feel about the diversity of representation in Battleborn as a whole.

There’s a lot of good to say. But it’s getting harder to keep up that plucky, bushy-eyed, and cheery optimism every time they do this. It’ll be harder when they nerf Alani into the ground.

Sigh. Gearbox, please learn, before you become the next Champions Online. I would get down on all fours and beg if I had to. I care about the future of this game and just… I don’t know, I just really feel like ham-fisted nerfs aren’t the way.

So, so, so, so many of my favourite games have been killed that way. I can see another going on that list. And that’s really bloody depressing.

I hope Gearbox and the community understand that I love this game, I love the people here, and I have fun. I’m not doomsaying for the heck of it. It’s just that exactly this kind of thing has ruined so many of my favourite games. It’s hard to not fall back into really bad memories of this.

I want this game to succeed. Sometimes you have to use constructive criticism to help something succeed.

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It’s the first of a new style for them, so even though I mostly agree with you, I’m happy that they’re listening at least… They need to learn how to do this a bit, but they Are trying. Hence the patches. We’re in month one, so I have hope. And they haven’t been too heavy handed. A little yeah , but they’re getting better. Buffs are coming in a few days for people like Ambra, so I’m told.
I’m happy they patch. Hell, one month and we’re getting a character! Yeah she’s a bit strong, but a slight tweak to helix placement and she’ll be perfect.

Love this game, but it is very pitchfork and torches driven. The peasants get what they ask for every time they march, but is this really what’s best for the game?

That would make no sense from a design perspective. Especially for a game that incorporates PvE into the PVP.

No game has ever been ruined by a nerf, ever. Especially due to PVP. It’s just one of those bits of received wisdom that some people would like to be true but simply isn’t. There were people who actually believed nerfs were made to EQ for PvP balancing that ruined PvE. It is to laugh.

Things get nerfs because they are overpowered or produce unintended results. That’s it, end of.

The Dunning-Kruger effect is strong in nerf complainers.

I think the developers would respectfully disagree. For example, the patch notes and comments from the lead developer clearly indicate that the changes made to Galilea were a result of her skills and balance NOT working the way they had intended. Unlike us players, they have access to all the stats for all the matches, and I know that they’ve been working out ways to analyse that mass of information since the closed technical test.

Yes, GBX listen to their fans (as any decent company should), but they also look at the data. Which is why some things have changed in BL2/TPS (respawning bosses, drop rates) and others haven’t (bank and inventory storage). So far, it appears to me that they’re continuing the same process with Battleborn. Sure, some of the things that get complained about are things that have been changed, but there are counter-examples of things that have been left the same.