I need 3 for the who you gonna call trophy (PS4)

PSN: heyitsjoeee

this is such a cool trophy idea but my god i can’t get 3 people together lol

I’m down to help you with the trophy. PSN thatguysh4rk

cool man you can add me psn: heyitsjoeee

what is it? is it like do a mission with 4 people? or something else? sorry i dont know much about the game… PSN - DeadLy_Gamerr

It’s a side quest in Pre-Sequel that you can do solo but to acquire the trophy you need a 4 person team. Now that can consist of 2 players using split screen and joining up together or any other combination to make the team. As posted before I will be willing to help anyone who needs it.

ah ok. ill do it with u guys
my PSN is DeadLy_Gamerr
I’m a lvl 21 Mechro

Mechro isn’t in pre sequel lol but it’s easy enough to find people that actually want to do the quest. Let me know when you want to get it and we’ll coordinate with each other

i know. i didnt see TPS sorry. im lvl 13 on the pre sequel. i play borderlands 2 more

hey sorry if i am annoying you guys but i need this trophy too can anyone help me out my psn is keybladegod74000 if anyone wants to help