I need 4 people willing to do the "woodsworn" lore challenge for Boldur

I don’t many many friends that play battleborn and i’m looking to complete Boldur’s lore challenges message zorthu on the Xbox one if you’re interested

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You can count on me…im a Eldrid squad fan and i love Thorn

add Fingefcut on your friendlist

Yoooo, need To do gros chall too, I add you ou GT le Delka38

Accursius13. I’ll be on tonight after 7pm pacific time. we can get 5 boldurs and get everyone to complete it. also looking for help with benedicts lore

I’m down. GT is Stewitus Prime. Boulder Squad, go!

I did it by going in as a team with everyone playing bolder

Anyone still up for this challenge? I am on right now. My Xbox gamer tag is Denarchy.

I need the challenge,too. I would join you

my Gamertag is XIII le roi

I don’t know if anyone is still lookin to do this on xbox1, but if you are hit me up. Gamer tag is RGC Jackyl

I’m looking to complete this lore challenge as well. I’m an Xbox One player. GT: Powerchu

I am also looking to get this done. Does it require a full team, or can i get away with just a Boldur and one other Elrid team member with no other members?

from what i’ve read around online (i’m still pretty new to the game myself) it requires a full team.

I also need this challenge Xbox one player GT nickinzane

I also need this challenge if anyone is willing to help on xbox one tonight GT: hamburglar86

Anyone down to get this tonight? It only takes a few minutes (just suicide immediately in hardcore story)

I’m up for this! My gamertag is
Hermes The Good

I need it too, add me spicydeafshark

P.S. Best fastest and simple sweet. Invite us into party and host pick normal and turn on Hardcore on void’s edge. we five play as Boldur and jump together and dead and mission over less 1 min. bam easy!

PS4-Boldur-Player from Germany here. I’m desperately seeking for some Eldrid-Players this weekend, to finally get my Boldur-Lore-Challenge, as everytime I’m in a random game and 3 people already picked an Eldrid, the fourth player ALWAYS picks Oscar Mike or Montana -.-

Just add me to your friendlist:

I’m an Australian XBOX 1 player and would love to get this one done as well.

I’ve got a secondary profile I can load up via splitscreen so that means only 3 more people needed for this and we have ourselves a quick a ‘5 man Boldur suicide jump’ on hardcore. Yeow!

GT: heartagram07

Hey guys, PS4 Player here, North America

Looking for help to get this challenge done as well. Doesn’t have to be tonight, doesn’t have to be next week, but whenever. I’ll go through and try adding some of you guys as well, but feel free to send an add my way as well.

PSNid is : I_am_Havoc