I need a 360 copy in order to transfer saves to Handsome Jack version, correct?

I noticed that Borderlands 2 is on sale for the Xbox 360 marketplace for $7.99 right now, and I’m considering purchasing a copy just so I can access a few of my old saves from that system. I had a Gaige and Krieg both on UVHM for the 360 and wouldn’t mind getting them back.

Is the uploading actually done in the game menu itself? I tried just uploading them to the cloud, but they didn’t show up, and gave me a message about not being able to find any saves.

Just wanted to make sure I can do this if I buy the old version.

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yes I did it I remember when I got my xbox one. Very easy you just boot up the game on your 360 and upload character on game title screen.

Have to do it one character at a time though.



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Also worth noting that when you go to download each save on the XB1, you’ll get an “Overwrite or save as new?” option. Always save as new! It’s actually a pretty seamless process, but you will need XBL gold, same GT on both systems, and IIRC be signed into SHiFT on both as well.


Ohhh, so when you say “one character at a time”, you mean you can actually only have one active shared character being shared at once. I noticed after importing Gaige, when I tried to import Krieg right after that it asked if I wanted to replace Gaige. I thought this meant you could only upload one, then import it to HJC version, then you had to go back and do a second character, and so on.

So, here’s a scenario…I upload gaige and play her for ten levels, then decide I want to switch to Krieg. He replaces her in my list of saves. Where is my progress saved for those ten levels I played Gaige for?

I take it this means I would always have to have access to my 360 console if I ever wanted to switch back and forth again.

EDIT: Or am I not reading this right? A lot of the online info about this doesn’t mention only having one character saved at once. What’s the bottom line…can I import all of my characters from the 360 to Handsome Jack, one at a time, and then have them all populate my list of game saves on the Xbox One version?

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Can only upload one character at a time. Have to download each uploaded character one at a time. It’s a pain but you can transfer all characters.


Yeah, just disregard all of that. I was misunderstanding what the game was doing when it asked if I wanted to “replace” a character in the upload queue. I thought it meant it was replacing the save for the one I had already moved. I get it now, and I moved all my old saves.

Thanks for the patient explanations, everyone.


I did not have xbgold when I transferred my characters

jus sayin

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