I need a bit of help with a few things... if you can help in any way at all, please let me know

ok so ive been farming the bunker for ever now, but i really want a sham. i don’t care if it’s at 94% or anything, i just want one. on a different topic, i am only op2 and i have very little good gear, if anybody can help me out with that, that would be amazing. I play on XBOX one, and my gamertag is FADE Tipsyy

Hey dude, I can give you an OP8 Sham or a 72, but that is all I have. I can carry you to OP8 if you like

if you could do any of those, they would all be really amazing! just tell me your name so i know its you and send me a message or something, cool?

My gamertag is ValkyriesHero

i messaged you

Hey, my GT is Flattertrain7
I can help you get to OP8 or I can give you a sham if you see me online, just ask :blush: