I need a friend for my zero,

So yeah, I am looking for another zero to run with, I want to play for its own sake. I find my gear so a like-minded person who can hang out and just join me wherever the wind blows would be great. All levels of experience welcome, you will find no judgement from me, I just play at op3/4.

Kinda looking for just one person, I’m going through something and just can’t handle a cacophony right now.

I’m on PC, sorry if this is not the right place but I don’t ever post anywhere else.

[quote=“Aether_Seraph, post:1, topic:1552653”]I just play at op3/4.[/quote]…you don’t say? I have two Assassins kicking it with (mostly) OP3 gear. I’m down for some occasional co op if you add me on Steam (you’ll find me housebroken and all that, so no weird mission grabs, loot ninjaing, menu blocking, etc.)

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I too am down (and play at op3 - because I am @Adabiviak’s fangirl?).

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Hey Aether. Got you moved…

<3 you pH,

Someone please tell whoever fixed/ refined the multiquote feature, that they are nothing short of being an awesome human being, and that if I ever fly to Texas i am going to get 5 of the candybar of their choice to their desk.

Sounds like you guys know how to play with each other, I know that i said that I only want to play with one other person but I don’t like splitting up good teams so I could just hang out with you both because good times can happen for everyone…

Or you can both fight to the death for rights to playing with me after retrieving one of the mythical any flavor Guatemalan jelly beans from the lair of Cerberus himself… (apparently some tool went down there with a handful of them in his coat pocket and after being shaken like a ragdoll before being devoured they were scattered all over without being injested along with him by the middle and left maws of the beast… I’m guessing right head wasn’t hungry?)

Chop chop, wiki has dantes accounting, I suggest saving it for offline mode, obviously there is terrible reception there.

Those jelly beans won’t last a second in the third ring :laughing:


Whatever you do, do not eat one of them while you are down there… There are flavors that can kill you and worse…

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The distinct lack of mythical jelly beans in my hands is disconcerting… I was really hoping to try one. From what I have found out and dug up they were created in* the sun during an eclipse by a proficient magic user/scientist who was posing as an Aztec witch doctor during the time these were created… The man behind them is a story unto itself but if you decide what you want to taste before putting one of these jelly beans it will taste exactly like that thing even if you have no memory or idea what it should taste like…

I suppose that I am missing something here… I haven’t posted my steam account info so here’s that “aetherseraph”

*In or on, the translation of a pictorial language subject to the usual nuances of language like dialect and other colloquial influence makes it difficult to say the least. I am pretty sure that at least some of the transcript was originally inscribed with the biological materia of the writer… In that time writing was considered a taboo for the outside, and those who did write considered it a source of power that demanded sacrifice (like everything else come to think of it)… So if something was inscribed in stone the debt was paid for by the act itself, anything written in a paper manuscript however was considered sacrelidge unless it was written with the author’s own blood…

The technology of paper from binders to worthy fiber coupled with the environment of the Amazon makes finding anything not written in stone ludicrously unlikely…

Which is exactly what drove me to research the man who found the transcript after I acquired it through slightly less than reputable means… I was sure it was fraudulent, but after dating the material three times at three separate labs and subsequently finding out about what it is written on… Let’s just say if it is a forgery it was forged on 3000 year old blank paper that couldn’t possibly have existed with human blood from the same period.

Anyways sorry for trying to drag you guys into it… I just have trouble prioritizing the acquisition of jelly beans with so much else demanding my attentiom… And it’s not any easier to treat something so dangerous like a vacation.

Sigh, when I finally get some time off I suppose that I should really just go back down there myself and get them…

Then again maybe not.

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The man demands his jellybeans

I hear the call!

My steam URL is /ShiningPie, current name Make Gatsby Great Again. I’m still in the sticks but back sometime in the new year, assuming @Adabiviak hasn’t stolen you away with his siren song and Tediore value brand jellied sweets

I can’t Steam

Actually yes, yes you can… It is me that can’t steam…

insert Picard double facepalm here

My steam account ID is aetherseraph … As opposed to aether_seraph which is what I posted earlier…

I will edit that post to make sure that nobody gets confused because of my inability to know my own name despite it being printed in bold letters on the steam large player…

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add me on steam fmlxitszachx i can play right now