I Need a Hint About AGONIZER 9000

This is a question, replies will be spoilers… just saying…

How the {bad word} do I kill this Agonizer 9000 (AKA Penn and Teller…oops I mean Pain and Terror)

They have been kicking my {butt} repeatedly. I even beamed myself back to Sanctuary 3 to get some weapons I had stored there, and found myself (eventually) back to be killed, yet again, by The Dreadful Agonizer 9000.

Yes, this thing is continually killing me, ESPECIALLY by the {bad word} {bad word} {bad word} BURNING FLOORS!!!

I have found some hints via a duckduckgo search, but I keep getting my {butt} killed!!!



(yeah, this is even worse than the anointed goliath)

What level are you and him? What VH are you?

Also wenn’s Brennt rennt man weiter, wenn’s Messer kommt springt man :smile: Ansonsten Schild anpassen. Die bösen Worte lassen wir weg! Grüße aus Deutschland :joy:

Agonizer 9000 is a pain (heh) because he has limited crit spots - if you break them too quickly, you’re stuck doing regular shots. There isn’t much of a counter to this, other than having high dps weapons that don’t rely too heavily on crits.

As for hints for the fight, it really depends on what vault hunter you are playing, what difficulty, and what level you are. Still, I’ll try to give some general tips. Apologies if any of this comes off as patronizing, but with out more detailed information, the best I can do is general information.

First, get a corrosive weapon. The vast majority of the fight you are dealing with armor, and corrosive weapons make a big difference. If you are lower level, don’t worry about replacing a lower level purple with a higher level blue. Sometimes a green will even outclass a purple if it is higher level and the right kind of weapon for your build. Where to find one depends on your level (at 50, just farm an easier boss, otherwise, check vendors including Earl). Also make sure your shield is up to date. At lower level, Earl’s is again a good place to look. For leveling, I like the ones that drop bonus shields/health on taking damage and the ones that give damage resistance on taking damage.

Second, learn his attacks, and make sure to keep moving. A lot of them can be avoided if you keep running around him in a circle. You’ll also be able to get to the large crit spot in his back if you do this. The sawblade that spins around him will sometimes go high, in which case you duck, and sometimes go low, in which case jump. Keep moving when the masher attack shows up.

Finally, for dealing with the floor, you have to learn the patterns, and move quickly. He will either light the floor on fire in a circular pattern, or going from the center outwards. There should always be at least some safe space to move to. The floor won’t hurt you when it glows, but obviously it will be on fire soon so find a safe place. Sometimes you can avoid the burning floor by climbing on the little walls that show up during the fight.

tldr; Learn how he telegraphs his attacks, keep moving, get a corrosive weapon and a better shield. If you give us more info about your level/class/build, we can get give you more specifics.


My current VH is Flack with the brownish colored tree level currently 31.

Also my pet spiderant gets killed easily, and my rakk attack thing does heal me a little, but not enough…

However, I need to do this with every character class… eventually

One big note. There’s a smash thing he does that looks Unavoidable. If you’re jumping, it doesn’t hurt you (or that has been my experience thus far). This fight is a big hopscotch battle. Fl4k has a hard time getting under the upside spinny blade swing. I have no answer there. I suggest, for this fight, either using Gamma Burst or Fade Away unless you have Rakk anointments you need.

Gamma Burst will keep your pet alive, Fade Away will heal you and let you get bonus damage in. Just get strategic with it. You don’t need points in those trees to get the help from them.

Do you have any good corrosive weapons? I found that once I got a corrosive Linoge, that boss battle became relatively easy. Oh and I also found that the Maggie isn’t too shabby for that boss battle either (I would use it to take some of A9K’s easier crit spots out)

What system are you playing on? if you’re on Xbox and still need a hand, my handle is BeatYourOwnMeat.

Nope, I am on a PS4 Pro.

OK, I need to, yet again, beam out to Sanctuary 3, and do some farming for some better corrosive weapons, then, right?!

That is all I can do, I guess.

Damn! This Agonizer 900 (aka Penn (Pain) and Teller (Terror) are a real PITA)

Go kill pvt Beans until he gives you a Westergun with corrosive on it. This will have two benefits, one, you’ll have the right elemental dmg and two you’ll likely pick up a level or two.

At least That’s what I do during boss problems while leveling a new character.

I grind beans.

Good luck my dude!

My experience is that Fl4k has it the hardest against the Agonizer 9000, but if you just ignore your pet and keep moving, you should be fine. Learn the attacks and slide out of the way of the flames. His big sawblade might make problems, which is why you have to get an eye for the angle they go out at: One angle you can jump over the other you can slide under. All the attacks are fully dodgeable.

If the fight takes too long, you could respec and get Fade Away plus Guerillas in the Mist and Unblinking Eye. You will heal while in Fade Away and can do a lot of damage that way. Don’t rely on your pet (I did and that was a really bad idea). The Rakks are fine and their Cryo version does noticeable damage, but it’s not enough to make the whole ordeal any faster.

You could also post pictures of your build, so we could help with that as well.

My advice is as follows:
1: Keep moving and keep an eye on the floors. As long as you see the flames coming you can avoid them. Just keep in mind that you might have to run across fields that are just about to start burning to get to safety and that you must not hesistate.
2: Priorize the crit spots.
3: Your pet doesn’t have a good chance of survival here. Don’t try to bother picking it up manually. You can either switch to a gamma burst build (even though the game never mentions it, your pet is actually immortal for the duration of gamma burst) or just let it be. If you want to stick with the rakk attack, get the augment that converts Rakk damage to cryo (since cryo deals more damage against armour than fire)
4: Other people already mentioned it, but make sure your gear is up to snuff. A good corrosive weapon would be nice, maybe a Hornet from Chupacabratch on Athenas (iirc, named characters and bosses now scale with player level, even outside of Mayhem mode)


OK, I will kill Private Beans (I had to do a duckduckgo search to find out where he is) mercilessly and will kill him over and over until I get his corrosive “Westergun”.

Thank you!

And everyone else on this thread:

Thank you all for your advice, and in the process of farming for this boss, I might be able to find a better shield!

With FL4K, I used Fade Away and my pet was the Spiderant. If you have it unlocked, make sure the Spiderant is set to Corrosive element. No matter what you do, the Spiderant will die when the hedge trimmer comes out to circle.
Just plan for it to happen.
I always run and slide. If you have an artifact that adds cryo while sliding, that helps alot. Sliding will dodge most of his attacks.
His back is one giant crit spot so you just have to keep moving to get there. Shooting out his eyes is also fun.
Cloud Kill is a corrosive SMG you got after killing Rampager on Promethea. It may be a little underlevelled, but the corrosive damage it does is still really good at that point.
With all 4 characters my strategy was always the same: run and slide, run and slide. Time the hedge trimmer attack to crouch or jump.
Crouching during this, shoot the heck out of his neck while it spins around.

Good luck!

Probably late to the party here but the best tip for this boss is to go for the more difficult to hit crit spots first, then when he rages you are left with the big easy spots to shoot.
Take your time during the first phase and only target the difficult and sometimes unshootable crit spots… trust me this fight is easy once you do it this way

I am an @$$hole to myself, as I have TWELVE different characters (four characters with three trees equals twelve characters) my first character is/was FL4K, and I am still getting my {butt} kicked by the dreadful Agonizer 9000. Every day, I fight him once… get killed… and then play another character. This is all on “normal” mode. I am getting my other characters to Agonizer 9000, and maybe one of the others will kill this beast.

On the plus side, I have actually gotten to the “Marcus chests” and then was killed, so I am progressing… after a fashion…

I will, eventually, prevail. (Because I am either stupid, insane, or evil… choose one)

My first playthrough was with melee Amara, so this fight took me 5 minutes. Every other run was very easy. I don’t have a video with FL4K, but here is my Zane. Use corrosive weapon.

Uh, Corrosive Dictator or just any good weapon in cryo does fine against him. Dictator always has reach for two of his three crits at all time. Fire resistance shield. His arena’s flame pattern is always down or up