I Need A Hint: How to Kill that {badword} Anointed Goliath in Jacobs Estate

First, I had a stroke in 2011, and am the WORST game player, after the stroke, in the world.

Second: I only play solo, yes… I play with myself.

OK: I need some hints as to how to kill this critter.

I play Moze, (level 20-something) I got killed several times, I fast traveled back to Sanctuary III, respeced for “survivability” and got killed several more times.

I then created the other three character-classes and they are all around level 11-ish. I would really like to kill this evil, horrible, nasty critter with Moze, though.



Backtrack to the previous room and go upstairs. Billy can’t follow you there because he is too big. You can cheese him there.


OK, I will give it a try in a few days… Thank you, man!

Yes. Definitely don’t try to fight him in the theater.
Back track out and stay on the stairs or the landing on top.
One of his AOE attacks may still hit you if you’re not careful, but you can pick away at him with relative safety there.


Billy is always a pain. You can jump over the blast wave of his clap AOE to avoid the massive damage. Also run n’ gun or he’ll teleport to where you’re standing.

Avoiding his Badass ad (like you’re getting a second wind off of that…) is good too.

Oh Billy…

I was facing the same issue, I ragequitted the fight after 10 attempts.

I played a few hours on the map to gain level and loot, and I found a Torgue shotgun that wrecked him in sticky mode. That same shotgun wrecked him in TVHM as well.

Never stay still during the fight. Try to be as much on the high ground as possible while being mobile (the few stairs on the theater can make the difference between you getting hit and a chair getting hit). Keep the little mobs alive so you can FFYL easily when he does hit you with the clap AOE or his charge.

To all who have helped me with my “problem”:

I killed the {bad word} Anointed Goliath without being killed… FINALLY!



You are all good people!


Congrats you badass ■■■■■■■■■■■■ you!!

**Que guitar solo “MeeeeowmiddlymiddlymeeeooowReeewahwahwahneoooo!”

Probably been said, But I kit him back to a place where he won’t cross through the door way. Have to run like heck as he tends to portal right on top of you, and instantly pound you.

Anyway once you reach the door way he won’t cross… you need to avoid the AOE, you can shoot the fiery skulls, but that other AOE the expanding one either jump or go up or down a level to dodge it.

Then just take pot shots at him through the door until the darn thing is dead.

EDIT >> It is actually a pretty insane battle mostly because of the tight area you have to fight him in, and the expanding AOE coming right through the walls at you. And to top it off he Portals right on top of you.

the key thing to remember is that as long as you can stay above 50% health he can’t kill you. his attacks are not rapid fire and every time you go below 50%, don’t attack or go near him until you’re above. that’s how you win

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I just beat him with Moze the other day. It took a couple of tries to figure out it wasnt my build or weapons.

I just needed to keep moving and focus fire him with Iron Bear. Used chain gun and flame thrower.

It took two full iron bear activations to get him.

My first playthrough was Moze and I did a lot of running around in circles until I could iron bear blast him, then running around in circles again. It was such a PITA! I died so many times. At one point I respawned and he was right on top of me spamming the crap out of me. I had to fast travel to Sanctuary III just to get out of there. I think the Tediore smg I was using helped a lot at the time. It was one of those 3 projectile type ones. I’d pop once, aim, reload, repeat. It seemed to do a lot more damage than the rocket launcher I was using at the time. (Mostly cause I was running around like a spaz and couldnt aim right)