I need a level 72 and op8 fire shredifier. I've got an op8 interfacer and op8 sandy hawk I will give in return

GT is SwtLiquoryLoad

Seriously? Yet another thread asking for a Shredifier. One should be enough.

Please no duplicate threads.
This is your 4th topic regarding the same thing, which means the rest will get closed now. Feel free to bump your one topic, but please don´t post new threads on the same matter in such an amplitude.

No one was replying so I’m offering different items

Not sure if this helps you but i think i’ve got a spare 62-64 fire shredifier if you want. Don’t really care if you give me anything but I’d definately like the norfleet since hyperius is being a bitch to me

Anyone have a lvl 60-65 norfleet they are willing to trade?